Hauntings in Highgate cemetery

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A Haunting in Highgate cemetery seems to be a normal thing, as it has become one of the most haunted spots in the entire world. It is believed that a number of travelers have been “creeped out” just by walking through the cemetery during the day hours. With such great paranormal activity going on, it has earned its spot on a number of lists as being rather spooky. The cemetery is part of the “The Magnificent Seven” remaining in limited operation.
The cemetery is split into two parts; the east is more traveled than the west. Generally, the eastern part of the cemetery is open to visitors, while the western part is less traveled.

The very first person buried here was back in 1839. Since then, more than 170,000 people have found their last resting place in about 53,000 graves. The cemetery is now rarely used. Previously, the cemetery was used in some horror films for its obvious backdrop scenery.
During the 1970’s it was believed a vampire was roaming the area, it was known simply as “The Highgate Vampire”. This vampire was known to be awakened by a medieval nobleman practicing the dark arts of black magic from Wallachia, Romania. The corpse was brought to what would be later called Highgate cemetery in the early eighteenth century by dark worshipers.


It was believed during the 1970’s that a group of Satanists had awakened a ‘King Vampire of the Undead’. This “King” of vampires was more of a phantom based upon the given descriptions wearing a long dark coat and top hat – meanwhile having the ability to simply vanish into thin air.
This media sensation of supernatural activity being reported during this time drudged up much interest around the world. Other reported otherworldly activity includes a story of a man whose car broke down near the cemetery’s gates.

He claimed to have seen a ghoul with large red eyes which looked back at him standing on the other side of the iron gateway. One traveler happened to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a ghostly nun floating over graves another evening.

Another happening, was when a shrouded figure was seen standing still staring off upon nothing in the distance. It approached some visitors only then disappearing afterwards reappearing a short distance away. The figure was still posed staring off into the void.
One day, an average businessman happened to be standing on the opposite side of the fence, when suddenly…a phantom appeared before him. As he described, it had pointed ears, glowing eyes and a rather large nose. It may have been the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack.


This rather known entity was both terrifying and frightful appearance having clawed hands, and eyes that “resembled red balls of fire”. This particular ghastly fellow has been reported appearing all over Great Britain last seen back in 2012.
It seems for paranormal hunters, this place is a goldmine for activity. And for the curious, this place is certainly worthy of a visit. There are a quite a number of well known folks who have been buried here as well.

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