Something Was With Us On That Night

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An interesting encounter popped up recently from Reddit. It seems two friends experienced something from out of the ordinary. While driving around late one evening, they followed a long curvy road near their hometown. This road continues alongside a dam for miles. It was late and on this night, it seemed really dark outside.

At some point, they decided to turn around, so they pulled into a church parking lot. If they continued down this road, they would have ended up about three counties away from where they lived.

As they were turning around in the church parking lot, both of them could hear what sounded like strange noises coming from the woods. They described the sound being like leaves crunching near the trees.

When the driver pulled out of the parking lot speeding away, she definitely was freaked out. Both of them it seemed were in a deep trance-like state of mind. Neither of them spoke to one another for around 5-7 minutes. They turned to look back and noticed nothing there. It seems that both of them were staring at thing all around them. The surrounding wilderness, was both dark and mysterious.

Something Was With Us On That Night

The driver wasn’t even watching the road the entire time. The passenger at some point, noticed this and asked the driver if they were okay. Meanwhile, music was playing in the background that they weren’t paying attention initially…so they turned down the volume.

All of this was a most unusual experience for them. They both seemed to be really confused at what was going on. While glancing over at the driver, she looked terrified. She then asked if they heard a noise as well. They replied, “no, I hadn’t”. The driver said, that she could hear what sounded like fingernails tapping on the window behind her.

After this, the passenger replied that they heard the same thing behind them. Was there something with them on this night?

All either of them could do, is flee from fear that night. The one thing that scared both of them to death however was when they heard the sounds of what sounded like a lady screaming. This lady was screaming at the top of her lungs. Even more terrifying was her screaming was so loud, it seemed like she was in the car with them.

Neither of them could explain what had happened. Perhaps this was some kind of banshee type ghost or something else entirely, that was with them on that night. This was one of the scariest things to ever happen to either of them.

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