Heavenly sent, 18 signs you’re an Earth Angel after all

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Earth Angel in the darkness

There is a reason certain individuals feel they are out of place in this world. A divine reason may well be behind it. Certain people, might feel there is something unique about them but they just can’t pinpoint what exactly it might be.

Not everyone has heard about Earth Angels, these are selected individuals who in theory—were sent from Heaven to bestow help upon humanity. Without even knowing it, you may well be one of them. Ask yourself these questions. Do you feel like there is something special about you? As you compare yourself to others, do you feel out of place?

Perhaps you may well be an Earth Angel after all. Angels are intuitive and sensitive to others needs. Often they feel like they need to help people, as they can sense they are struggling from something to overcome.

Young angelic child

From what is known about this, Earth Angels know they are different from a young age. They have been sent here for various reasons and meant to guide humans along the right path. From their doing, Earth Angels help shape our world, even though people quite often are rather cruel to them and others around them. People of course have their free will and act accordingly.

Just like Angels, Demonic forces reign upon Earth, trying to influence mankind to do the bidding of evil. As with light, there is darkness and they constantly battle one another for control. Earth Angels make a huge difference in this world. Their positive vibes spread quickly as they continue to help others around them.

Angel at the gates

Earth Angels aren’t perfect and on occasion make mistakes. Often they can sense sadness and from this they themselves become disconnected sometimes. There are a number of signs to watch out for that point to someone being an Earth Angel. Here are 18 different signs to sincerely think about. These may well shape your life in many different ways.

1. Strangers often come to you for advice.
2. People love venting to you.
3. You accept others for who they are.
4. Your basic needs are always taken care of.
5. You have a deep empathy for others.
6. You are not always the best when it comes to managing your responsibilities.
7. You inspire others.
8. You are constantly struggling to align yourself with this world.
9. You are highly sensitive.
10. You rely on your intuition.
11. Societal expectations leave you feeling empty.
12. You have a deep personality.
13. You are able to dig into your psyche.
14. Your emotions are more intense than other peoples.
15. You are kind and love helping others.
16. You do not judge anyone.
17. You are peace oriented.
18. You are concerned for the environment.

Heavenly sent 18 signs you’re an Earth Angel after all

It is much to think about. However, if you match up with many of these specific traits—your purpose on this Earth is clear. You are here to help others in some way or another and to drive away the evil forces which seem to be dominating our world.

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