Strange Sky Pyramid Appears Over Top Of Philadelphia

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A rather strange looking object recently appeared over the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Certainly this city is known for its history, but until now…the city was never known to have a pyramid seemingly hovering over its skyline. It is a very bizarre incident and has many people wonder just what it could be. 

Pyramid in the sky Philadelphia

Was this part of some kind of holographic projection project? It would be the only rational explanation but so far nobody is coming forward about it.

A researcher from Youtube known as MrMBB333, uploaded a video about this and mentioned a woman only known as “Venice” snapped a photograph of the sky pyramid. 

This strange object would be categorized as some kind of UFO at this point. Some speculate it is a kind of alien mothership. Anything is possible but imaginative nonetheless.

This photograph seems to show a kind of orange looking light surrounding the pyramid, which almost looks like it is on fire. This isn’t the first time something like this has been seen before. Other strange appearances such as this have been seen in other locations around the world.

The pyramid in question, resembles something from a science fiction movie. It just doesn’t seem real. We need more information about it. Perhaps someone else out there captured a video or more pictures of it.

Speculations are this pyramid could be a black triangle UFO or TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft. Often these objects have been seen hovering slowly or moving at low altitudes across cities and highway areas. 

They have been reported as being silent and could be probes of some kind. The real question is whether or not they were man made or from somewhere else. Sometimes these kinds of objects have pulsating lights on them. In the photograph, it is difficult to see that kind of detail. However, the pyramid is quite interesting. 

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