Mysterious ‘Machete Man’ Wanders West Virginia Road

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Wandering along a road south from Charleston, West Virginia was a strangely dressed man. He was momentarily recorded by South Charleston resident Jeremy Caldwell, as he was driving by with his cell phone along with his brother. Not long after, they called 911 to report the strange sighting on Saturday evening. They decided to turn around and drive back to get a better look at this bizarre looking man.

The scene was like that of something from a horror film. The man was carrying a machete, wearing a green colored jumpsuit, with white tennis shoes on. They mysterious “Machete Man” also was wearing a mask, black hat and gold chain. It is unknown the reason why he was out wandering along this road during the day.

Was his intentions merely to scare people or did some kind of crime happen here, that hasn’t been discovered yet?

West Virginia Machete Man Kanawha County

Jeremy Caldwell posted this image on Facebook and immediately it started to get attention. The entire incident is pretty odd to say the least. Not long after, ABC news station WCHS 8 got word of this and began an interview with Jeremy.

Where this took place, was located in along Childress Road. The man was seen twirling the machete, as he wandered back and forth around the side of the road. This mysterious man, not only was holding a machete but they also had a bloody looking rag in one hand. It seems that he was trying to stop cars as they were driving by. Something such as this, would likely be seen during Halloween but this was very off holiday.

Image: Ashley Bishop with Jeremy Caldwell interview West Virginia Machete Man

Image: Ashley Bishop with Jeremy Caldwell interview West Virginia Machete Man

Jeremy had this to say, “He was walking back and forth for awhile, The four times that I had seen him, he was walking between here and about 100 feet from here. I am always frightened about what can happen to them when I am not at home, and we want to keep this area as clean as possible. He may be out just to scare people, but then again you don’t want to take the chance. You want to be aware and ready”

Kanawha County residences have their worries about what this man was doing and if they are still here. Jeremy mentioned his concern for his family as well.

Perhaps this was just some kind of prank, set up by someone for laughs and attention and nothing else. Local police, believe this to be nothing more than a prank at this point. They however mentioned if anyone has seen anything suspicious to immediately call The Kanawha County Sheriff Office right away.

(Source: ABC WCHS News 8)

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