Company seeks to reanimate the dead in Latin America soon

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Diabolical minds would be the ones to conjure up such a scientific experiment. It seems the company Bioquark located in Philadelphia, will be trying to reanimate the dead. Comparable to something from a science fiction film or something straight out of the apocalypse. The dead may walk the Earth one day in the future. Will they be craving brains to stay “alive”?

The company thinks that when a person actually dies, their state of mind is not completely lost. Perhaps someone’s brain is not finished and they may live on. The damage and deterioration the brain suffers after death, has a shelf life according to Ira Pastor from the Bioquark company.

When someone dies, they scientifically lose all functions of their brain, making them non-responsive. Ira said, that a process is being developed through the use of stem cell research to rectify this.

With the use of various injections, the brain of the deceased individual in theory should reanimate awakening once again. The persons brain will reboot once again much like turning on a computer. The practice of stem cell methods such as this are unprecedented on patients in Latin America. In actuality, there may well be underground scientific experiments—trying to figure out a way to bring the dead back to life.


Ira also said, the process in how this will be done will be a series of stages. The first will harvest stem cells from the person, later injecting them back into their body. Injections into the spinal cord, known as peptides will be done. Peptides form a long chain of amino acids which later become proteins.

These short chain of amino acids are able to penetrate the top layer of someones skin thereby sending signals to the cells in someones body. This lets them know its time for them to start functioning. One of the most important proteins in someones body, is the collagen in our skin. The peptides will be injected over a period of fifteen days. The median nerve stimulation will also be monitored with the use of MRI scans.

Already a trials were set in place to be performed on people from India. However, this never happened as the Indian Council of Medical Research told the company to seek out their resources from elsewhere.

The studies were announced to the general public on what the company was purposing. The first stage of this experimentation as been labeled “First in Human Neuro-Regeneration & Neuro-Reanimation”. The persons selected will not be random for the study apparently.

The scientific team is eager to study brain dead individuals looking for any signs of mental reversal. The age of the people for the procedures will be between 15 to 65 years old. Many of the ones selected, will have died from a traumatic brain type of injury.

The MRI scans will reveal more as they look for signs of brain animation. With the advancement of technology, confirming someones death isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. When someone stops breathing they were then declared dead. Now, things have become much more complex and complicated.

Using machines, oxygen continues moving through the human body and the brain stem functions are sustained through the use of a ventilator. From this, the vast majority of countries around the world now will identify someone dead only after permanent loss of the brain stem function is gone.

These trials by the Bioquark company are part of a much broader project. Known as ReAnima, they hope to further the potential with the use of biomedical technology for human neuro-regeneration along with neuro-reanimation. Who knows just how far things will progress as time continues on.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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