A Large Alien Bird Terrified Australia Back In 1927

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While many were skeptical of this, a report was made about this cryptozoological creature back in 1927. Many reports such as these are difficult to believe, but are equally fascinating. In nature, mutation sometimes happens but this would be an extreme example of it. 

Located in a town known as Fernvale, Australia an unexplained event took place here many years ago. This area is approximately 37 miles away from Brisbane and along the Brisbane River. The town can be found towards the southern end of the region of Somerset. 

There were people here, who reported seeing mysterious lights all around. These lights appeared to be “dancing” in the sky. It was like a kind of performance was taking place. According to one UFO investigator named Bill Chalker, one key eyewitness was only 10 years old at the time. He was living with his parents and his sister at their farm.

Not long after, the family began to notice the reaction of their cows. The animals were clearly disturbed by all these lights in the sky. From what is understood, there were three cows that ended up dying. Several pigs also died by whatever had visited that evening. These animals appeared to have puncture marks on both their necks and bodies. Scratches were also found on them as well.

Even the neighbors witnessed some kind of terrifying apparition of sorts, that seemed to swoop down from the sky above. From what is known, these apparitions would not be revealed to the boy upon that day. 

Several nights later, the witness remembered he was sleeping when he began to hear strange noises. At first, the parents thought the boy had a vivid imagination. Yet upon the very next night, they also began to hear strange noises. The family was unsure of what was happening so they decided to lock their doors and windows.

The morning after, both doors were open and the family noticed footprints on the floor that resembled “wellington boot tread”. The prints lead from the front door all the way to the back. A bit of time passed and everything seemed normal for a while until both the brother and sister noticed a large flying object descend to rest upon a hilltop.

Alien bird 1927 Australia

The children then noticed during the early morning a 30 foot area of scorched grass on the hill area. The boy mentioned that he witnessed a giant sized bird on a tree. This was the very same “apparition” the neighbors had been “terrified” about.

It seemed to appear out of the darkness one of the neighbors explained to the boy’s father. There was a poultry type smell in the air and large feathers were found. This was no ordinary bird, it was at least three to four times bigger than a Wedge-tailed eagle. 

His sister and father had also been witness to the ominous bird sightings, “hopping down the hill — near the house — with its wings flapping.”

Finally, a humanoid in a white suit visited the boy, silent and mysterious, wearing boots similar to those made by the previous footprints found by the door. The man in white suddenly disappeared, taking with him the “dancing” lights and the giant birds. They were never seen again.

According to the neighbor’s son, the birds seemed to be gliding with their exceedingly big wings. The beasts, he said, appeared to communicate between them.

“They were monsters… making sounds like unintelligible conversation,” the boy explained.

All of this didn’t make any kind of logical sense, they reached the conclusion that this was some kind of alien entity of sorts. It may have been an entity transversing through different layers of reality and/or dimensions.

To date, no more information has yet been revealed about this. Maybe someone out there knows more about these strange incidents.

(Source: News Punch)

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