Reincarnated as Dracula

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An interesting story was sent in to us recently. What this man has experienced has changed his life entirely. He has been awakened into a new existence from his previous life. His story must be shared to others as it truly is quite incredible.

Bar Dracul

His name is Bar Dracul and believes he is Vlad the Impaler. Perhaps you recognize him by his other name Vlad Dracula. He reigned as the Prince of Wallachia between 1431-1477 in Romania and is considered a folk hero to many. As a member of the Order of the Dragon, they were pledged to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe. Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia was also a member of the House of Drăculești.

Vlad the Impaler

There have been numerous movies made about Dracula, perhaps one of the standout films is the Francis Ford Coppola picture: Bram Stoker’ Dracula released back in 1992 (based loosely upon events from this era in the world). Bar states he had a psychic awakening one day and afterward became perceptive to things others simply cannot understand. He wants to awaken others and is using his voice to reach out to them.


Vlad the Impaler was married several times. First to Princess Consort Ilona Szilágyi of Wallachia who committed suicide and to Countess de Szilágyi who was his second wife. She was the cousin of King Corvinus of Hungary. Some people have said ghosts of Vlad the Impaler and his wife can be seen during the night at Bran Castle in Romania. It was rumored that the castle was for sale—however it isn’t true as it will remain as a tourist attraction to those who brave its passage.

Bran Castle

What Bar has experienced are profound changes in his life. He mentions different paranormal occurrences which altered his perception of reality bestowing a gift to him. Bar believes this is an age of great awakening as more and more people are remembering their past life existences. Bar Dracul made a short documentary film trying to explain his vantage point on different things. His first video will hopefully become a series trying to explain his altered reality and new found perception.

Bar eye

Bar mentions that Vlad was one of the most defamed men of all time, because he stood against the empire which still exists today. With political and religious forces at work, the corruption is real he mentions. As an example in the USA there are two monsters who currently are running for absolute power and their corruption is real.

Bar strives to liberate the spirits of people to reveal their identities as they were reincarnated previously. Perhaps you can contact him as he may give you some insight. His Facebook page is HERE. And his blog page is HERE. Below is his video further explaining his mission and beliefs.

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