Misty orbs photographed outside of nursing home

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A woman known as Lisa, captured several unusual looking photographs. They appears to be a misty orbs, hovering outside of a nursing home. She mentioned this was taken back in 2012. It is assumed, it was sometime during spring or summer. It is unknown where this location is. Lisa said she was outside, standing in about a 30 yard radius area, located between both the building and the woods nearby.

Lisa orbs at nursing home

She didn’t think anything about it initially, thinking this was only some kind of sun flare she was seeing. However, she felt a strange sensation wash over her. It was as if something was luring her to come closer towards it.

Lisa leaned up against the building, where she snapped several photos. The sun she said, was behind her while photographing this gaseous misty form. She also was standing at the bottom of a hill, that was between the woods and the nursing home which stands three stories high.

There are many mystical forces, that exist within our world. Most if not all of these things, cannot be explained with rational thought. People need to think outside the box, when they approach supernatural situations such as these. Quite often, most people remain skeptical and rightfully so. It also is foolish to simply dismiss someone’s claims without knowing all the details about it first.

Orbs at nursing home

In both of the photographs, a blue orb can be seen. This orb is quite different from the other and also is quite smaller. This same blue orb she noted was back behind the branch seen in the photograph. The more Lisa thought about this, the more she began questioning what she really had seen on that day. Lisa wanted to make it clear, about what the conditions were that day as well.

When Lisa first submitted this to the My Paranormal site back on February 13, 2016, she stated she was after the truth and wanted peoples opinions about it. She claims that she wasn’t posting this for attention. It took her 4 years to share her experience. Perhaps on this day, she did discover some kind of anomaly of sorts. It is amazing to think, at anytime and anywhere someone could experience the unexplainable such as this.

(Source: My Paranormal)

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