Was Fred Rogers a divine protector of humanity?

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An astonishing theory about the late Fred Rogers, mentions him having supernatural abilities. Allegedly, he was able to heal people through his consciousness. Fred’s ancestors, were believed to have some sort of angelic DNA.

At an early age in life, Fred realized that he had a unique gift, being able to heal others around him. The abilities Rogers had, were beyond mere mortal men and women.

Fred Rogers PBS

Fred focused his talents first, becoming that of a minister. He would later realize the powers that children have, in the collective human consciousness. Fred decided to educate children through his television series and publicly speaking with them. His hope, was that these children would grow up to be upstanding adult citizens one day.

All of this seems quite bizarre and crazy. However, paranormal researcher and writer Xavier Remington from Mystic Investigations, mentions that within the secret supernatural community – Fred was rumored to have certain abilities.

Eye witnesses watched him bench press 500 pounds with ease. Physically, while alive…the man didn’t seem that strong, but he was a force to be reckoned with. This holds especially true, with demonic chaotic beings and other evil entities.

Quite often they coward in fear, after Rogers smote them down with his holy wrath, imbued by the Lord Thy God. Rogers knew that the world was full of bad people, and many of them have evil intentions. He knew he had to do something about it.

Mr Rogers PBS castle and puppets

Most know of Fred Rogers from television. He hosted the popular children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood which lasted between 1968 until 2001. It originally aired on the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). Fred realized that he could connect with a far greater audience with his televisions series.

During the beginning of things, he was rather naive about things. At first, Rogers was approached by a henchman from The New World Order. This vampiric being, later attacked Rogers that evening, after he refused to influence children to the ways of the darkness. Fred quickly dispatched this foul force, with the utmost prejudice. The fiend quickly fled back into the shadows.

As a man of faith in God, he seemed to connect strongly with Christianity. During his lifetime on Earth, Fred worked as a Presbyterian minister, Children’s television presenter, actor, puppeteer, singer, composer, television producer, author and educator.

Mr Rogers

Fred Rogers passed away back on February 27, 2003, in Pittsburgh, PA. He was 75 years old. He still is missed by many and was the closest thing to a father figure, many people ever had. Unfortunately, Fred died from stomach cancer. Rogers reach spans generations, as his work lives on and with it…imagination, hope and kindness to all. Fred left behind his loving wife Joanne Byrd Rogers and their two children.

Fred Rogers received not only the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but 40 honorary degrees along with a Peabody Award. He also was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, recognized in two congressional resolutions and was ranked number 35 of the TV Guide’s Fifty Greatest TV Stars of All Time.

(Source: Mystic Investigations and Wikipedia)

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