More about Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer and her haunted doll experience

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Image: Rachel 'Bunny' Meyer from YouTube

Image: Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer from YouTube

She is 32 years old and is quirky, wacky and weird. She has shared all things strange that has happened to her, on her YouTube channel. Her name is Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer from Texas and she is best known as grav3yardgirl. Her channel, exhibits everything that is offbeat and weird including Bunny herself.

The more you listen to her, the more she grows on you. (Like a colorful moss on a gravestone) Recently, one of her 8 million followers, sent her a giant stuffed cockroach and while this may have turned off most folks…Bunny simply turned it into an amusing moment captured on camera.

It is interesting, how she used YouTube as a self therapy to cope with her personal anxieties. Initially, Bunny started wandering around rampant exploring graveyards and other locations—meanwhile bringing her take on various things. Bunny was injured in a car accident, which prevented her to pursue her favorite hobby sewing. This certainly affected her in different ways in her life.

Her newfound career, all started for her back in 2010—as she continued to make videos about her own personal paranormal experiences while visiting various graveyard locations. It then dawned on her, to create her username and ran with it from that point on, after listening to an M83 song.

Bunny said: “It was just a song I really liked. It’s not spelled the same way or anything, but I definitely took inspiration from it. I’ve always loved creepy stuff and I thought Grav3yardgirl was perfect for my life. I felt directionless, and I’ve always struggled with anxiety and depression.”

Image: Rachel 'Bunny' Meyer from

Image: Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer from

Later, Bunny would transition to vlogs about fashion and make-up tips. A series was created by her titled “Does This Thing Really Work?” where she tested out As Seen on TV products. Bunny is also known as Swamp Queen and refers to her fans as a part of her “Swamp Family”. Bunny said, she has always enjoyed spooky things and different paranormal shows. She used to go and sit in graveyards but doesn’t really do that anymore.

The very first video she uploaded on YouTube, was a review on fake nails after being nudged to do so from a friend. Combining her interests of antiques, ghost hunting, beauty and fashion she brings a myriad of interests to her followers.

As of July 2017, with over 8 million YouTube subscribers and now over 1 billion video views, Meyer is one of the highest paid YouTube personalities. She now earns well over $460,000 a year. In this case, it paid to be weird and different literally.

Back in June of 2016, she had her own make-up line in collaboration with Tarte Cosmetics. Later, these cosmetics were sold in different stories such as Macy’s, Ulta and Sephora. Interestingly enough, when the website was put up, it later crashed due to the amount of traffic it received. Currently, her own website seems to be down as well. Perhaps it is under construction still and will soon be re-vamped.

Personally, Bunny shared her paranormal experiences involving things that have happened to her. She has an exceptionally large collection of creepy old baby dolls on display. Of these dolls, there was one in particular that was rather unusual to her. You can watch what she has to say about all of this below.

When asked why she thinks viewers like her so much, she said: “I think it’s because I try and present myself in a real nature”.

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