Sleep App Records More Than Just Sleeping

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Every time we get ready for bed, everyone has their own rituals sort of speak that they do to prepare. Some people just simply pass out after plopping onto the bed. One person explained that they use an app to record sounds at night. 

The reason they do this is to improve their nights sleeping. The app that this anonymous person used is known as “Sleep As Android”. It features different noises heard throughout the night. This would include people talking in their sleep, snoring, ruffling pillows and sheets, coughing any pretty much anything else. 

Back during 2013 on December 30th, something was recorded that still haunts this person to date. On this night, their 3 year old was sleeping in the room with them because they were scared of the dark. It was only them and their child there, nobody else was around.

Upon the next night, this person explained that they deleted recordings made on that night. However, as they were listening to the app, they began to hear sounds that gradually became louder and louder. The person then explained they heard themselves say “What are you doing?”. A moment later a reply was heard saying “Nothing”. 

After hearing this, they began to freak out. Towards the end of the recording a voice can be heard saying “That’s them”. They didn’t remember waking up in the middle of the night either. The only logical explanation was, they were talking in their sleep. However, their voice sounded quite different.

Clicking sounds were also heard on the recording coming from the room. Creepily their phone was placed right next to them on their bedside desk. Thinking back from before, they mentioned that they heard these same types of clicking sounds from before but deleted them. This was the first time that they heard anything more distinctive though such as a voice.

This is what they said in an update:

“I have caught no more voice recordings since then. Also, as suggested by several people, I’ve beefed up my home security, changed the locks, that kind of thing. This happened 4 months ago. Since then, I have had no more weird voice recordings BUT there were one or 2 more instances of the clicking noise waking me up at night.”

“During one of the times that it woke me up, I sat up and tried to hear where the sound was coming from (even though I was pretty scared). The sound seemed to be coming from the area of my fan) about 12 feet away from my bed) but the closer I got, it started to fade away. When I got to my fan, it wasn’t coming from my fan at all that I could tell and it just stopped.”

“Very weird. Also, I took someone else’s advice and walked through my house shortly after the final clicking and asked that whatever it was to please leave my house and that my son and I were scared. I felt like a complete ding dong doing that, though, but I was up for trying about anything. I’d say nothing weird has happened for about 3 months now. I am completely fine with that. This experience really messed with me for awhile.”

From what is understood, they thought it was an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Some people suggested that they might have partly recorded a break in during the night, which is equally terrifying. 

It was suggested that the sounds heard were burglars rummaging through their belongings looking for something to steal. The only other explanation was something more paranormal related. Since these happenings, they have moved away for obvious reasons.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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