Child Gets Pushed By Something Unexplained While Visiting A Graveyard

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It was an experience that they could never forget. When they were around 10 years old, this person said they went on a field trip to a cemetery with their class. This took place about 15 years ago. For whatever different reason, this trip was some kind of life lesson sort of speak for them. 

A group of about 25 students all went out to visit a graveyard. With them they had both paper and crayons with them. Using the paper, they then etched over or scribbled on the paper to create etchings from the many gravestones found inside the cemetery.

This was no ordinary trip, as the teachers and staff from the school wanted the children to learn something about life and death it seemed.

Child Gets Pushed By Something Unexplained While Visiting A Graveyard

While etching over the gravestones, each student attempted to create a kind of silhouette onto their individual paper using crayons. This person went on to explain how they continued to do this for around 40 minutes. This cemetery was pretty good size and the children were spread out all over the place. They continued to collect as many gravestone etchings as they possibly could. 

As their time there shortened, the students then went back onto the bus. They were all lined up to get back on. This particular bus was parked on a path where vehicles come through. They noticed that one of the rows of graves, were not far from where they were. Then they decided to stand on top of one of these grave sites while waiting to board the bus. 

Flashing back to earlier in the day, the teacher said for everyone to respect each person’s resting place. They recalled standing there waiting when all of a sudden the ground beneath them began to move. To them, it felt like it was rising up as if it was being pushed by something. 

They described this moment further saying the ground seemed to move in a circular type pattern. Back and forth it seemed to continue for a short while. All of this was happening right beneath their very feet. Of course they were startled and then jumped away from where they were standing after being “pushed”.

After jumping off to one side, they looked down and noticed this grave wasn’t a freshly filled one. The ground was both hardened and covered with well-grown grass. 

All of this seemed very real. They didn’t think they were hallucinating in any way. It seemed like the body where the grave was located at, wanted to break through the very ground there.

Of course anyone has heard of zombies and it is all but fantasy, yet this really seemed real to them. At the time, they estimated them being around 10 years old. Certainly children can have active imaginations but this was far out there. 

They looked around at everyone else to see if they noticed anything like the ground moving. Nobody else it seemed even noticed. When it was their turn to get on the bus, they brushed this off as a delusion of some kind. They didn’t want to make a scene, so they went back on board the bus. 

Anyone would be freaked out by something like this. Years later, they reached the conclusion that whomever the grave belonged to, didn’t like them standing there. Was this some kind of life lesson? If so, it was a really weird one. 

From what is known, this person never went back to that cemetery but has visited others. They even head back during the fall months to check out a cemetery now and then. Perhaps due to this personal experience they had or simply as some kind of fascination to them. When they visit a graveyard now, they are careful not to take a wrong step.

(Source: Reddit)

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