World’s Largest Known Ouija Board Was Setup In Salem, Massachusetts

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Located in Salem, Massachusetts was the world’s largest known Ouija Boards. The board itself is 3,168 square feet in size and weighed in at 9,000 pounds.

Anyone who wandered by here was in for a shock to see this. Tourists and others walked by here to snap a few photos at this rather unusual display. 

The planchette used to move around the board weighs 400 pounds but was designed for a single person to push it around on the board, yet might take several people to move.

ouija board Salem

Perhaps a bodybuilder or giant could move this thing with ease though. Salem Common is a park located in Massachusetts and originally was founded in the 17th century. Previously, this area was once used for militia training. 

Many people have often marveled over the musings and mystery surrounding Ouija boards. Most try to stay away from them. One can only imagine what might could be summoned with a board this size. Quite possibly a legion of ghosts or something else entirely. 

Ouija boards have been used in numerous different rituals pertaining to anything and everything paranormal related. They have been seen on screen in different films as well.

Typically, someone will place their finger onto a planchette. After this, they will begin to spell out different words in an attempt to make contact with the dead. Most of the time people try to fool others or play around with them.

However, there have been different cases where an Ouija board has been used to only bring forth something rather dangerous. Those that are superstitious often wonder about using such a tool to contact the dead or whatever else.

When someone spells out a word or phrase, they will only attempt to make sense of it. Sometimes they might not like what they see, as a spirit may try to channel something through this very person. Even from beyond the grave. 

While the giant sized Ouija board is fascinating to see, it took many hours to put together. The creation itself is known as “Ouijazilla”. It is the work of Rick ‘Ormortis’ Schreck, who is the vice president of the Talking Board Historical Society. It took him most of a year to build and put together. Officially, this should be the Guinness World Records at some point. 

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