Fountain of youth, people are buying blood transfusions to stay young

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It seems nothing is out of the question anymore. A new startup company has now reached out to those with some extra money to spend. They will sell you real human blood from those 25 years and younger to maintain a healthy fresh look.

From a vile of blood, to larger quantities…people are now stopping at nothing to stay young as long as they possibly can. Blood transfusions start at around $8,000 dollars a session and what you get is blood from someone under 25 years old. Just how youthful the blood is, raises many questions.

Bloody fountain of youth

There are underground vampire societies who feed off human and animal blood. While this also raises many moral questions, it is something happening in the underbelly of society. Now, with this new startup business model—more people will have access to a bloody refreshment sort of speak.

Initially, this method was tested with mice. It is known as parabiosis and the process is when two living things are essentially sewn together with their veins conjoined. From this, the aging process is then reversed from the other younger person or animal transfusing to the other.

This method has been studied linking the prevention of different diseases which includes both heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Many of these diseases plague older individuals as they grow older. Who knows what the future may hold for us, as progression continues to change things rather drastically.

Growing old, may well be something poor people have to contend with. As those wealthy enough, can at some point—extend their life with youthful blood transfusions. Perhaps newfound technologies will also play a part in future human life and evolution. But do that many people want to live forever? Apparently enough people are interested, as the California company Ambrosia LLC intends to sell blood to customers one bag at a time.

blood transfusion

The plasma (blood) will be obtained from teenagers. The highest age range harvested will be 25 years, allowing for only the freshest blood to be stored and used at the Ambrosia company. The requirement for the transfusion procedure, will be age 35 and older. Just how old someone can be for this process is not yet known, but Jesse Karmazin from Ambrosia said, many of these people are near retirement age.

“Life-extension science is a popular obsession in Silicon Valley,” reads his talk description, “so we’re starting to see startups like Jesse Karmazin’s Ambrosia, which studies blood and its constituent parts, and offers treatments that propose to reverse aging—transfusions as a service.”

Not a lot of extensive research has been done yet. But enough to get people interested as 80 customers have already signed up to have this procedure done to them. So far, the parabiosis procedure has only been conducted in mice mostly. But a few human trials have been done so far. The hope is to get the same effect as the mice experienced during the trials, tapping into the bloody fountain of youth.

(Source: Mashable)

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