Mysterious VHS UFO footage found recently

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UFO VHS footage found 2017 ring zoomed

While there are numerous UFO videos discovered, this one is rather intriguing. The source of this was from iUFOSightings on March 15th, 2017 and their YouTube channel. The quality of the video, dates back to the VHS days. This VHS recording was apparently discovered in an attic someone had.

They state this is the real deal and it is authentic. What is seen, is a spiral ring of unknown materials—slowing rising in the air. It isn’t a balloon, it is something else believed to be alien in nature.

The source of the video (who wishes to remain anonymous) said their father in the past, talked with them about aliens and UFO sightings. He believes that this was something his father recorded and kept hidden away for different reasons. (including ridicule of the video) The details are limited, however it is believed the son found this by accident one day.

UFO VHS footage found 2017 ring zoomed in

Later, he decided to share it online with everyone because of how unusual the shapes are, seen flying through the air. He also didn’t mention what his father did for a living or whether or not he was associated with any type of government agencies.

The sheer size and scale of this thing is massive, it is difficult to tell just how large it is. Maybe it is close to the size of a football field or just slightly smaller. Looking at the images, details are seen including the ends being transparent. Some inner spots appear to be dark, while others look crystal clear. They kind of look like foam pads or made from a rubbery type material source.

UFO VHS footage found 2017

The folks from iUFOSightings mention that they do not believe this is from any type of movie. At least one that they are familiar with. The information they had to go on was rather limited by the source. Maybe more information will be released soon about it as many are curious about it.

Speculation is, this may well be some sort of weather device. It might be true, however it is quite strange looking by its appearance and comparison to others which have been crafted before. If this footage of a real UFO alien spacecraft of some kind, it is one of the clearest presented to date.

One can only wonder, what it was doing in this location on that day and where it took place. Perhaps this spacecraft or drone type ship was scouting this area and taking readings for whatever alien species on that day.

(Source:  iUFOSightings)

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