Journalist Spots Ghostly Girl In Her Old Childhood Photo

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After looking at her childhood photos, a 21 year old journalist discovered something unusual in the background of one particular picture. What is seen, appears to be that of a ghostly girl standing behind her, as she approaches a bird cage. Anastassia Perets was browsing through her family’s photo album back in 2015 and ever since, she has questioned what this apparition is.

Anastassia Perets ghost photo

The little girl seen standing behind her is unknown. Anastassia decided to contact a psychic to help better understand what had happened. To her surprise, the psychic explained that this little girl had attached herself (in a spiritual sense) to Anastassia. During the time this photo was taken, Anastassia was only 4 years old. The ghostly girl, appears to be following her ever so closely in the background.

Anastassia explained, that there were no girls in the house except for her during this time. The ghost girl appears to have blonde colored hair and is seen wearing a long white gown. She also appears to be hold some kind of stuffed toy animal.

It is a haunting photo and Anastassia later asked her parents about it. They also had no idea who this girl might be. Perhaps she once lived in this location from long ago. It is believed that spirits sometimes do linger behind and this ghost for whatever reason, decided to follow Anastassia around. It is a creepy thought, to think that a ghost might be haunting you. Who knows just how long this ghost could have been following her around for.

For whatever reason, sometimes spirits manifest while someone is recording video or snapping a picture. This of course leads one to believe it could be fake. Perhaps, but this isn’t known either and is just speculation. It seems that the dead sometimes enjoy photobombing the living.  

When asked about the ghost photo, Anastassia said:

“I present you with a recently discovered creepy photo of my childhood. That is all. And if the creepiness factor isn’t obvious, it is because that girl in the background isn’t a real person.”

“I thought it was a mirror or something but further observation showed me that it was not so I got so freaked out I started screaming and crying and the neighbors thought someone must have broken in or something.”

Anastassia later posted on the photo onto social media site Facebook. After this, the photo made its way around the internet, continuing to gain attention as people keep asking questions about it.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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