Did Grey Aliens Make A Deal With The Government?

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One theory about grey aliens coming to Earth and making a deal with the government, has been a belief for a while now. This likely originated after the infamous Roswell crash back in 1947.

An obsession has taken over ever since and people have only further been intrigued about this. They want real proof of alien life. The Grey aliens are among a number of other believed lifeforms, which have studied and/or abducted living things from our very world.

Concerned citizens and townsfolk around different locations, have been trying to piece together answers. Often when something like this is brought forward, they are laughed off out of fear and lack of understanding. 

Conclusive evidence still has evaded the general public so far. Somewhere out there knows something more and has evidence of alien life. Who they are and how daring they might be is the question. Likely it will be someone from the inside who will have further information about this.

If the famous Roswell crash did take place, then it was covered up for good reason. However, this is the most widely known case, there are many other reports and questionable incidents.

In regards to Roswell, what if the crash actually was intentional? Did government agencies just sweep up the pieces and try to make them go away? Possibly, even NASA entered the scene and strike some kind of deal with the grey aliens. 

Was it possible that these aliens or others like them, cut some kind of deal or made an arrangement of some kind with aliens? Perhaps an arrangement was made between them and humans agreed to the aliens demands, whatever they might have been. 

Some have claimed that the vessel found was actually piloted by strange, small creatures, about 3.5 feet tall, with enormous eyes and grey-like skin. One can only wonder whether or not any of them actually survived. Grey alien encounters account for 43% of extraterrestrial beings  ever sighted.

During these bizarre moments, maybe the aliens crashed or appeared before people to give them some kind of proof. However, the public has been left wondering about this. Aliens may have given us technology far beyond what we know now. It may actually be given to us slowly so we don’t harvest too much power at once. 

With so many theories it is tough to focus on just one of them. But if we surrendered our planet over to some kind of alien life, then the public rightfully deserves to know about it. Our we prisoners or food to these aliens? Are they here to teach us more?

Perhaps even, they are here to save us. But all of this is just hearsay at this point. Their real intentions are quite puzzling as people continue to claim being abducted or contacted by grey aliens among others. We want the truth revealed and desperately await.

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