News crew films creepy blinking mannequin at amusement park

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Creepy blinking manniquin

At what appears to be an amusement park of some sort, an unusual mannequin is seen. The language heard in the video is Spanish and the location isn’t known. However, what happens in rather creepy. When the camera pans over towards one of the lady mannequins, she seemingly begins to blink her eyes. Immediately, the crew is spooked at what they witnessed as they begin to run away rather quickly.

Creepy blinking manniquin eyes shut

The face doesn’t appear to be someone dressed up inside of a suit either. What the mannequin is made of—doesn’t appear to be made from a type of cloth but by a hard plastic or wax type of material. The size and shape of this oddly looking mannequin, would make it difficult for an actual person to be inside of it – but likely not impossible.

On the description text over the top left of the screen it reads: vídeo aficionado (Amateur video) and at the bottom it reads: vídeo enviado por un televidente (Video sent by a viewer)

Only moments later, does the video cut off abruptly. This makes this video footage questionable—to whether or not the eyes were added in later through post production. None the less, it is rather intriguing to watch. The eyes seen, appear to be made from a plastic type material as well.

While it is certainly possible to create a life-sized puppet such as this, what was the reason for doing it? Perhaps to get attention to wherever this place is. Maybe it was part of a promotional gag of some sort. The eyes could have been controlled with a mechanical mechanism, from a remote control or through the use of a string of some sort. The other possibility may well be something paranormal by nature.

For those who are scared of clowns, this may be something to avoid also. Is this real video evidence of a possessed mannequin? There are different speculations about this, such as a warning sign about someone or somewhere.

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The very first mannequins were made from papier-mâché in France during the mid-19th century. Later, they started being made from wax to produce a more lifelike appearance. From what is known, in the 1920’s wax was used—as it was a more durable option composited with plaster.

Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning “an artist’s jointed model”. Most often, mannequins are used to draw in shoppers to a store location and to drum up sales. This strange and creepy mannequin, has made its way onto the internet as people try to reach a conclusion about it.

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