One Out Of Every Ten People, Have Experienced A Near Death Moment

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According to a study, one out of every ten people reported having a near death experience. These findings were presented first at the 5th European Academy of Neurology (EAN) Congress by researchers from various universities. 

Most commonly, were abnormal time perceptions. Around 87% of the participants said they had time abnormalities. There were those who had exceptional speed of thought. Sixty-five percent of the people said they experienced this. Others mentioned they had experienced exceptionally vivid senses (63%) and feeling that they were separated from their bodies at fifty-three percent. 

near death experience

Regarding these kind of experiences or encounters, they have been classified as being mystical near death experiences. Commonly, people have seen or heard different hallucinations and/or time distortions. Over all, around 10% of the participants from 35 different countries all gave eerily similar details.  

These near-death experiences (NDEs) often involve different situations including heart attacks, car crashes and/or near drownings. When asked about what they witnessed, the participants said their souls were sucked out, they heard angels singing or were aware they were outside of their actual physical body. Their very lives flashed before their eyes, like a quick playback of a movie or video.

Others mentioned the presence of something else around them. This included the awareness of another entity in the room with them. These people described something like a demon sitting on their chest, while they were laying down essentially paralyzed unable to move.

Those 1,034 people who participated, were selected from different crowd-sourcing platforms online. This was done to help eliminate any kind of bias selections. Those who answered “Yes” to whether or not they experienced something, were further questioned about their individual experience. 

A detailed questionnaire assessment tool known as the “Greyson Near-Death Experience Scale” asked participants a series of questions about 16 specific symptoms they had. Overall, out of the 1,034 people…289 of them reported about a NDE (near death experience). 

Out of those people, 106 of them reached a threshold of 7 on the Greyson NDE Scale, (which confirms a true NDE). Further numbers included 55% of these experiences has being truly life-threatening and 45% of them not life-threatening. 

From previous studies, researchers did find an association between both near death experiences and rapid eye movement (REM). This rapid eye movement study, also demonstrated that some people experienced sleep intrusion into wakefulness such as sleep paralysis.

Most interestingly, was a higher rate of people reporting about unpleasant aspects of their near death experience than ever before. Perhaps something beyond this existence is waiting for us after all. Hopefully it is something good.

(Source: Medical Xpress)

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