Unknown Nearly Naked Woman Found, Claims To Be Mermaid

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This incident happened last year, when a woman found in Fresno, California said she is a mermaid. Her identity isn’t known, as she has been listed as a “Jane Doe”. One unusual thing is, she has webbed feet. The entire incident, has since left people puzzled.

Webbed Footed Mermaid Found In Fresno

It is strange, that her identity hasn’t been discovered and of course her webbed feet. Where she came from, remains a mystery. Police have ever since, been trying to piece together clues to who she is.

Conflicting reports now say, that her identity is now known. Police haven’t released any further information for her safety. She may have been the victim of a crime, as the circumstances appear to be quite bizarre how she was found.

This woman was found walking down the street. She was dripping wet staggering past a casino. She was wandering in the middle of the road. A passerby found her and then asked if she needed any help. The woman seemed confused but did tell them that she was a mermaid.

Apparently, the driver took her to the hospital on Tuesday where the police then began questioning her. A statement made by Lt. Mark Hudson of the Fresno police was released:

“She was wet, she said she had been in the lake, said she needed help and needed to be taken to the hospital.”

Later, it was learned that her first name is Joanna. She didn’t know or remember just how she ended up wandering a busy street, early in the morning at around 3:00 am.

Lt. Mark Hudson said, “We did go through the records after fingerprinting her, and we still did not come up with her identity.”

This mysterious woman is 5-foot-4 inches tall, she weighs around 150 pounds. The police estimated her being between 17 and 24 years old.

There are some strange things that happen up here. We’re in the mountains, resident Karen Renwick explained. She added that the woman is lucky she didn’t get run over, because the cars just fly on that road and there was a big wreck there just the other day.

Jane Doe Mermaid Fresno California Found

Perhaps someone out there knows who she is. Police have asked anyone with information to either call 559-621-2455 or email Det. Paul Hill at paul.hill@fresno.gov.

(Source: Fox 5)

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