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Security Officer Captures Eerie Ghost Image

A security officer named Sue Rhodes, was on duty and managed to record a rather intriguing ghostly image from a security camera. The apparition appears to be the size and shape of a humanoid. It is believed this ghostly spirit, was wandering around amok on this evening. The timestamp on the photograph, displays this photo being taken back on 1/8/2011.

Security Officer Captures Ghost On Camera

Ever since this was first published on the site Ghost Study back in 2015, the photo has perplexed even the most savvy of de-bunkers out there. It seems that something unusual happened upon this night. Why this spirit was here, is anyone’s best guess.

When questioned about the incident, Sue Rhodes said she was checking around different security cameras and monitors as this was part of her job. She then took a second look after spotting this strangely cloaked figure standing under a streetlamp. The night this happened, she recalls the weather being kind of nasty, it was sleeting outside. Nobody else was around but her and ahem this ghostly entity.

Quite possibly, this could be someone dressed up for the cold weather, but it does look reasonably odd. Due to the quality of the image, it was it difficult to see further details. Weird things can happen during the late night hours, there are things out there that do go bump in the night.

Sue had this to say, “I am a security officer and took this picture last year while scanning the area at my job on security cameras. It was sleeting at the time and no one was in the area…no one. Can you see the image under the light pole?”

Whether or not this is an actual ghost captured is debatable. Imagine yourself being in her shoes upon this night. It makes you wonder, what was going through her mind after having seen this. The exact location is unknown but is assumed to have been taken somewhere within the United States. This ghostly looking image, could have been something else entirely. It is something to ponder about.

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(Source: The Paranormal Blog and Ghost Study)

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