Only 3% of the population has an X on their palms

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It remains a mystery, yet is believed to mean something significant. Those who have the letter X in either hand (if not both of their hands) are destined for greatness in their life. These people may not even realize, the impact they had upon the world.

Sometimes it is something subtle, that they unknowingly have done or will do in their lifetime. Many of these types of people, will go on to become great leaders and even well remembered after their death. Statistically, only 3% of the population is estimated to have such a marking.

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Many people read palms and have an in depth knowledge, about what it means with specific patterns or markings upon someone’s hands. There are superstitions that stem from places like India, known as Palmistry. These practices, examine both the lines and other features of the hand, especially the palm and fingers.

These ancient type methods were also used by both the Egyptians and Greeks to foresee one’s future. Alexander the great was believed to have two clear visible X’s in both of hi palms. President Vladimir Putin and other past leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, also have these palm X markings.

STI University located in Moscow Russia, released a research paper. Among a selected 2 million people studied, it was revealed that these individuals were among the most remarkable having such markings on their hands.

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Those people who have these X’s on their hands have strong character among a destiny set in motion to change things in the world. All of this, is has been set up for whatever specific reasons. Even more rare are those who have the double X markings on their palms.

These people do not need to plan for success in the daily routine, they are destined for greatness and success. All of this is like a ticking time bomb for them. It will happen during their lifetime sooner or later. It seems that these gifted people are truly special. They are known to sense others from afar.

Also, these particular people are less susceptible to diseases and often don’t get sick. They are able to interpret conversation more so than others. These folks can sense lies and betrayal quite easily. When picking a partner in life, they are quite selective as this person will only further enhance their unique gifts.

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Those who dawn the X palm marking also are physically very strong. They might not have the biggest muscles but their body is in better shape than most. These natural born leaders excel at most anything they do. They can change their life in a mere moment. Likewise, they can make a huge impact upon others around them without even realizing it. Why these selected individuals have these markings is extraordinary. There seems to be a divine reason for it all.

(Source: Only Healthy Life)

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