Mothership UFO photo found

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UFO Mothership

A woman submitted an incredible photograph, it appears to be some sort of mother ship. The size of this thing is enormous. It was sent to UFO International Project by a substitute teacher she is 44 years old who holds a degree in psychology. Near the top of the photograph, is a stain from water which was spilled on top of it.

The conclusion so far is that this is the real thing. The exact year this photo was taken isn’t known, but assumed to be somewhere in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. Looking at the terrain, this is also assumed to be taken somewhere in the state of Florida.

The photo was given to her by her former boyfriend. She found it inside an old family album—forgetting about it for many years. Until recently, she stumbled upon it after leafing through a book called Mary’s message to the world when the photo fell out of it. The irony here is the book in which the photo was found from—is about humanity being saved by an alien life force from the mess mankind made.

The ship seen in the sky seems to be unlike anything made on Earth. It is definitively a UFO of some sort. It is made from some strange material or so it seems. The shape of this object defines it against the clouds. It also appears to have lights seen around its edges. This appears to be more than just a typical cloud in the sky.

There have been many fakes done, however this isn’t a typical old fashioned flying saucer which we have seen before. The technology behind this mother ship must be quite incredible. The staff at UFO International Project have nicknamed this UFO as “Big Mama”.

Big Mama

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