Ontario Woman Charged With “Fake Witchcraft”

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The witches name is Tiffany Butch and she was charged (with just two days left) for what the law could arrest her for. The complaints against her include that of fraud, after allegedly casting a curse on someone, only to demand money for the removal of the curse afterwards. Tiffany is a self-proclaimed spiritualist, medium and clairvoyant.

According to Timmins police, 33 year old Tiffany Butch was demanding money to avert a dreadful type event from happening. This all happened back on December 11th. A mere 2 days later, Section 365 of the Criminal Code was implemented. This code prohibited the pretending to practise witchcraft. Her charge was formally repealed later.

Tiffany Butch charged with witchcraft Ontario Canada

Tiffany Butch goes by another name, she is known as the “White Witch of the North”. Now, she will forever be known as the very last person to be charged in Canada for this offense. Tiffany was formally charged back on December 1st by the police.

Marc Depatie, who is a spokesperson from the Timmins police force said, “That’s why police and the Crown attorneys keep ancient, or aged, versions of the Criminal Code on hand, to see what laws apply.” There are books and records that include offenses from the past, including but not limited to sexual type behaviors as well. The department wanted to remind people to be wary about “extravagant claims of impending danger”. This includes anyone claiming to be a mystic having clairvoyant type powers.

Marc also noted, this particular charge was nearly ready to be scrubbed away from the Criminal Code. However, it was not the decision for the charge to be made against her. There were elements of the case “best captured” by the section of the Criminal Code, in consultation with the local Crown attorney’s office.

He also said, “(In) this particular set of circumstances, the person gave them a sense of foreboding that a dreadful thing was about to happen to their family at some point … (that) they should provide them with financial compensation so they could perform some sort of mystical service that would prevent that from happening.”

Tiffany now plans to get a lawyer, so that she can fight back the charge made against her. Her court case is scheduled for January 22, 2019.

(Source: CBC Canada)

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