Bigfoot Fetus Found While Camping In Arizona

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Allegedly, a man was out with his friend camping, when he came across what resembles a small Sasquatch (Bigfoot) creature. It is small and looks almost puppet-like. He insisted upon documenting all of this with his camera. As they approached where the Bigfoot corpse was found, there was a foul stench covering the entire area. Also seen, appears to be blood soaked pine needles and leaves covering the ground.

Bigfoot Fetus found in Clints Well Arizona

The first Bigfoot encounter, took place during 7/1/17 at Clint’s Well, Arizona. Later, the same man went for a journey along the Mogollon Rim of Arizona. It was here, where he admitted to being stalked by a number of Bigfoot for several days. He had never been so scared in his life before. Imagine just how powerful a Bigfoot would be, if ever faced against one during a confrontation.

During Memorial Day weekend this year, he spent time in Mogollon Rim. This location consists of a topographical and geological feature, which cuts across the U.S. state of Arizona. This section of land, stretches for approximately 200 miles. It starts within northern Yavapai County and runs eastward, ending near the border with New Mexico.

Perhaps it is possible of there being a Bigfoot or possibly multiple ones…wandering around in the wilderness. Bigfoot have been spotted in different types of locations before around the world. It seems most notably, that North America has more sightings than most for whatever different reason.

Baby Sasquatch discovery in Arizona

The man insists that he didn’t make any of this up, this is the real deal. These ape’s are out there according to him. When he found the fetus in the wild, he believed this was the result of a miscarriage. He mentioned hearing creepy howling during the night when they were camping.

The howl’s were not that of a coyote as they sound different. According to him, Bigfoot hunters should focus their attention to the Payson, Arizona area due to the activity happening in that location.

Regarding having the actual fetus, he said he became rich after selling it to the government for an undisclosed amount of money. He said that he received over 6 figures for the corpse, making him a rich man. All of this seems rather suspicious, but like many things it is best to keep an open mind about it. We truly live in a strange world.

Whether or not this is real is another story, however it is an interesting thought. Perhaps someone will come forward with more evidence of this.

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