Redbox girl caught mutating by security camera

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Redbox girl caught mutating by security camera

Seen in this rather bizarre photograph, appears to be a young girl standing in front of a Redbox automated retail kiosk machine. The Redbox company, allows people to rent movies and games online. They then pick them up at one of their 36,000 retail locations around the country.

This photograph has made its way around the internet and has some people pondering just what in the world is going on with this girl. Speculations have been made, saying she is an extraterrestrial of some sort.

Redbox girl caught by security camera

This may well be a possibility among other theories, saying she has been possessed by a demonic force of some kind. More than likely, this photograph has either been photoshopped or is a glitch of some kind. Regardless, this is one of the more unusual photos floating around the internet.

Physically, this girl would have a broken neck, with the backward bending of her neck. It is difficult, to tell whether or not she is merely wearing some kind of eyeliner makeup or her eyes have turned from possession. If she is an alien human hybrid of some kind, she is glitching out right at this moment as seen in the photo.

It is assumed that the photo taken was from a security camera capture. No doubt, this freaked out whoever was on duty during this hour. At some point, this was shared online by someone. It is unknown, who originally shared the photo or if they know anything else about this girl. She appears to be a high school student, perhaps between 13-17 years old.

Redbox girl caught mutating

She is petite, possibly weighing around 100 pounds. Obviously she was on her way to pick up a rental or reserve one. It is weird, being truly one of the more subtle scary photos seen in recent times. The photo was shared from Reddit and has many people puzzled about what really happened that day.

It appears that this photo was taken at a Ralphs. These stores are located in the southern areas of California.

Judging from the photo, an older woman appeared to have already walked out the door when this happened on that day. It appears that this girl, mutated sometime during the daytime hours. This truly is a weird moment captured by a security camera. Many are left still guessing what happened to her.

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