Roswell deputy sheriff spills details about crash encounter

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Charles Forgus and his wife

Charles Forgus and his wife

Recently, a former deputy sheriff from Roswell, NM came forward saying he witnessed four dead aliens at the crash site. It was the year 1947, it was a different time here in America. Charles H Forgus, the man who witnessed this, now lives in Howard County, Texas. He will never forget that extraordinary day in his life.

His testimony mentions that this top-secret operation, was not some kind of weather balloon the US military claimed it to be. This was something else from out of this world. The spacecraft came down in the desert nearly 70 years ago and with it—visitors from another place. Perhaps Charles could no longer wait any longer, to give details of what he had witnessed.

Roswell UFO

Roswell has since become a tourist attraction for many and garnered much attention since July, 1947. Initially, the military released a press release about a flying saucer that crashed in the desert. They quickly retracted their statement the following day, changing this to a damaged US Air Force air balloon crash. A number of witnesses over time have given their testimonies about the crash and what they had seen. The wreckage later was confiscated by the military in a top-secret cover-up operation.

Some have claimed, that the bodies seen were nothing more than mere crash test dummies—used to spy on the Russians. This incident still baffles people and continues to intrigue them to date. Charles Forgus, claims he was driving with another unnamed sheriff the night of the crash. The initial reason for them being there, was to transport a prisoner from one location to another.

roswell alien

As they were driving down the road, details of the crash were heard on their police radio. A number of the eyewitnesses only watched the UFO fall from the sky. However, Charles and the other unnamed sheriff were able to see four deceased alien bodies as they drove closer towards the crash site. Charles stated that a perfectly round saucer crashed in a canyon. There appeared to be four different beings each of them around 5 feet tall having large eyes and feet comparable to humans.

Charles said: “Their skin was brownish and there wasn’t any blood. They also had big black eyes. Their bodies were being picked up by a lift, attached to a crane and then swung into a truck. There were about 3 or 4 hundred military personnel there. They were not from the US Air Force. A big round thing was in the canyon about 100 feet in size.”

Both Charles and the other sheriff witnessed what was happening—before the military made note of them. A government operative approached them, telling them to shut up and go away. After this, they were asked to leave the scene. It remains a mystery whether this information holds any truth.

(Source: Express)

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