Mysterious Walmart Bag Found At Old Abandoned Cemetery In Louisiana

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A man and his wife were out driving around a location in Louisiana known as Melrose. This area is where many older plantation homes are located. The place is fairly remote and not far from the Cane river. As the couple were out driving around these back roads, they were sipping on their beers while listening to the radio. Not long after, they discovered an old cemetery. The people who were buried here, died very long ago back in the early 1800’s. Some of the graves may have been even older, according to them.

Old Abandoned Cemetery Louisana

The cemetery was unkempt and likely there weren’t many people who came here. This cemetery was overgrown with lots of vegetation everywhere. Some parts of this cemetery seemed to be in ruins. There were even tree roots growing into some of the headstones. They explained that this particular cemetery was built right next to a bayou. So, many of the graves here had a fair amount of concrete and brick work built to keep them from washing away completely.

This is typical in some old cemetery locations such as this. Whenever a flood comes around, the bayou will fill up and flood over. These low-lying areas, are located near streams, rivers or marshy lake wetlands. The couple wandered through this cemetery and came across one grave that stood out. It looked to have been smashed from one side. They went back to their car to then return with a flashlight as the evening was upon them.

The grave had part of the coffin exposed and tree roots were growing out from everywhere. They then noticed in one corner of the grave (along the top of the casket) was a white plastic Walmart bag. Their first thoughts were someone may have stashed away something valuable there. Wanting to get a better look, they used a nearby stick to fish out what was inside. When the man went to open up the bag, he had no idea what he was seeing.

Inside of the first bag, were more Walmart bags. Eventually they got to the last one. It was covered in many layers of plastic. Inside were three different pieces of cypress bark, that were tied together with red and black yarn. Cayenne pepper also covered the last plastic bag. When they unwrapped the yarn string holding it together, there were pumpkin with seeds everywhere. Strangely, thumbtacks were inside as well along with both red and black candles.

These candles found has been used and were burned down to nearly nothing left on the wick. A number of pencils appeared to be stuck through this weirdly made package as well. They were piercing the handmade package from different angles. In the center of this, was a piece of paper with three names written. They were variations of a man’s name who was buried here. Each version of the name was written both horizontally and vertically.

Both of their hearts dropped, as they read the words written upon the page which read:

“Shut your mouth.”

The words were written over and over again. Both of them were creeped out about it. The couple have heard rumors of people practicing voodoo, who lived out around these parts. They decided to leave after all of this and definitely didn’t want to stick around any longer.

Several months passed by and they told their good friends about what they came across in this cemetery. They all decided to go back to this cemetery out of curiosity. Low and behold, another white Walmart bag was sitting on top of the very same coffin. This time they decided to leave it alone. They didn’t want to find something else even more disturbing.

After a conversation with their friend, they researched some about it. As it turns out, they think that whoever was practicing this kind of voodoo, was trying to keep away whatever spirit was haunting the living. Voodoo talismans are used to ward away bad spirits such as this. It makes one wonder just who this man was that died here and what they did while they were still alive.

(Source: Above Top Secret)

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