Retired Sheriff deputies share their paranormal experiences

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Paranormal Central interview Retired Sheriff Deputies talk about paranormal experiences

Retired deputies share their paranormal experiences on Paranormal Central, a video and radio show. What they talk about, are key moments in their life that made them question what is real or not. The first experience is told by one officer—who was on duty in Orange Cove, California. Originally, he was going to meet up with several other officers for a late dinner at an all night diner.

While he was out on patrol making his way to Sanger, CA it was late around 3 AM in the morning.
The deputy was driving fast around 90 miles an hour, before breaking through a sharp curve. As he was passing around the corner, he noticed what appeared to be a mother with a young boy.

He wanted to see if they were okay and quickly braked, turning around to check on them. This evening, it was rather cold for this time of the year in this area. The deputy explained this encounter was rather unusual seeing both the woman and the boy, along this particular road especially so late in the evening. Some of his patrol friends also overheard the call in, about these people walking along the road so late.

The deputy decided to get out of his cruiser and looked around all over for the woman and the child. Neither of them were nowhere to be found. There were no footprints left behind, as dew came down making the area rather wet. No trace of them was seen anywhere.

The deputy further explained, that he didn’t take his eyes off either of them for very long and only a few moments had passed. More officers (friends to the deputy) appeared on the scene, helping him search for these people. All of them searched along both sides of the road and they couldn’t find these people anywhere.

In total, there were 3 polices cruisers and 4 deputies searching. After a while, one of them began laughing at the deputy who called them. Ironically, several of the deputies, previously were talking with one another about this same road. (Known as snake road due to its curviness)

La Lorona the woman in white

Snake Road has paranormal activity attached to it. Legend goes, one night a woman was driving down with her two young daughters—when she crashed after coming around a curve too fast. Her children and her ended up in nearby Kings River. It was there, the mother was unable to free herself and drown.

The children were able to get free out of the car, only to also drown downstream about a mile down the river way. Reports over time, include people having encounters with a woman dressed in white asking if anyone has seen her children. It seems on this evening, the deputy also witnessed her and one of her children.

Mexican folklore, mentions a story similar to this one—only that instead of a car crash, the woman in white known as La Llorana drowns her children instead, only after killing herself from drowning. She can be seen walking the area where she drowned her children, crying and searching for her children. If anyone approaches the woman, she proceeds to drown them as well. There are more stories shared in the video, which can been watched here.

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