Couple Captures Demonic Monk Face Photo

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Imagine being out exploring in an ancient location late in the evening. Unbeknownst to this couple, they managed to capture a rather rememberable photograph. This happened in a village not far from Mansfield, Notts in the United Kingdom during September this year. Tania and Jared Copeman were amazed at their photograph, which seemingly showed that of an demonic face, later believed to be that of a monk who was burned alive 500 years ago.

The photograph creeped both of them out, yet they were compelled to share their photo with the rest of the world. They were led through this location, by ghost hunter Lee Roberts. The ‘evil-looking’ pale face, appears from the darkness with two glowing devilish eyes. This allegedly happened when nobody else was here. Ghost hunter Roberts, believes that the face captured, was one out of seven monks thought to have been burned down there, dating back to the 1500’s.

Tania and Jared Copeman photograph demonic monk face

Tania age 41 was out with her 47 year old husband, when they felt compelled to take this photograph. It seems as if something was with them during this time. It appears restless and angered by their presence inside the cellar of a former slaughterhouse.

The couple didn’t expect such as experience after having completed their five-hour round trip from Watton, Norfolk to visit this haunted location.

Tania explained, “I didn’t really expect to capture anything really.

“But I’d always wanted to go to The Village. I’d heard about that place for a long time and always wanted to go.

“Jared and I had gone into that section, which we later found out is exactly where they think the priests were burned alive.

“After we’d done some investigating in that room but hadn’t found anything, I just had the inkling to take two more pictures.

“I even said to Jared when we left ‘let me take two more’ – and that’s when that appeared.

“But I didn’t notice the figure until later when I was looking through my photographs.

“I saw the two eyes but at the time I didn’t realise they were eyes – I thought they were just two white dots.

“But then I zoomed in on the picture and I saw this face and I was like ‘oh my god’.

“I shouted Jared and he said straight away that it was a face.”

Even stranger, Tania claims she felt a burning sensation on her face in the same area – before Lee had even told them that monks had been burned alive there.

Tania said: “What was really weird is that while we were in there I could feel the side of my face getting hot so I moved away.

“As I turned my head, then the front of my face started getting hot. Then Lee mentioned about the priests getting burned down there and I thought that was a bit freaky.

“I think there could be a link between the burning sensation on my face and what I caught in the photo.”

This location has a CCTV that records daily, they checked the playback and didn’t see anyone else around, that may have been in a costume for example. This is what makes this even more spooky.

demonic face united kingdom photo tania and jared copeman

Before this place was used as a slaughterhouse, it was a malthouse and pub previously. The building is considered a grade-II. People are speculating different things about this, more than likely this is something supernatural. The energy here must be intense, from all the suffering that happened here.

(Source: Daily Record)

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