Amityville Horror house for sale

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Known as one of the most paranormal locations in the United States, is a place where a doorway to demonic forces was once opened. It is believed that these evil spirits still continue to linger there today. However, several families have lived at this residence where a series of murders once took place, from a son who killed his parents and siblings rather gruesomely by shooting them.

These murders happened back in 1974, when then 23 year old Ronald DeFeo Jr. went insane and/or was influenced by something sinister. DeFeo is currently serving 25 years to life at the Green Haven Correctional Facility in Stormville, New York. George and Kathy Lutz later would go on to buy the DeFeo’s house.

They later reported to have seen paranormal happenings such as strange sounds, voices and even green slime oozing from the walls. After being there for only 28 days, they left fearing they were in danger. The couple even left everything they had inside, never to return again to the property.

The home is once again up for sale this year (2016) and the asking price is that of $850,000 dollars. Located in Long Island, New York stands The Amityville Horror House. It consists of 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with a large boat house, two-car garage along with a boat slip. It is located at 108 Ocean Ave, Amityville, NY.


The home and what happened there previously inspired the 1976 novel titled: “The Amityville Horror: A True Story”. A film later followed in 1979, with the title: “The Amityville Horror” starring: James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Don Stroud, Murray Hamilton, and John Larch

The property itself is that of a double edged sword, it is famous and interesting, yet it has a rather tainted history that one wouldn’t want to inherit. At this point, the place is more of a museum type location for those who find its history interesting.

Over the years, there have been a few people who happen by this home to glance upon what evil reigns within its walls. The neighbors surely didn’t appreciate all the attention this place brings to them. One can guess that they get a lot of people asking questions at their doorstep.

The last sale happened back in 1997, during this time the world was much different before the addition of social media and the internet. The home location continues to get attention and has since surfaced entirely in a new way. Several more films were made based upon the previously released original. Located at 46 South Welles Street Pennsylvania exists the unusual Amityville story found HERE.


(Source: ABC news)

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