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Armadillo Headed Humanoid Seen In Alabama

This rather bizarre creature was allegedly seen in Lauderdale County, Alabama in a place called Grassy. It had the head of an armadillo, with the rest of its body appearing to be human-like. There...

Jesus Seen In The Clouds

Holy Spirits Spotted In The Sky

Recently, a woman living in Alabama, recorded something many are calling quite remarkable. It seems that Jesus or a figure resembling The Holy Spirit itself, was captured walking inside of a cloud. The video...


Hogzilla the monster pig

Giant pigs can sometimes roam the southern states in remote areas. This time around, an amazingly enormous pig was found back in Alabama. (It is believed that this wild hog may be the biggest...

Ann Hodges

Meteorite hits woman and she lived

In 1954, a woman had the unfortunate experience to be hit by a meteorite. This is an extraordinarily rare occurrence. The odds of being hit by a meteorite are 1 in 1,600,000. Another statistic...

Kenneth Crowder mug shot

Florida men hump trees

Perhaps the term tree hugger applies to these strange encounters. First off all, a man driving by stopped to record on his phone a man humping a palm tree in broad daylight. What compelled him...