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Armadillo Headed Humanoid Seen In Alabama

This rather bizarre creature was allegedly seen in Lauderdale County, Alabama in a place called Grassy. It had the head of an armadillo, with the rest of its body appearing to be human-like. There are many legends and lore, about different cryptid type creatures appearing in different places around the world. This creature is certainly

Burglar Cooks Eggs, Washes Clothes, Showers And Refuses To Leave

A bizarre incident took place recently on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018. A burglar broke in a woman’s home located in Limestone County, Alabama. While there, he refused to leave until his clothes were dry. He didn’t threaten Mary Royster but he did take advantage of her amenities. Mary explained to WAAY-TV, that he wasn’t violent

Holy Spirits Spotted In The Sky

Recently, a woman living in Alabama, recorded something many are calling quite remarkable. It seems that Jesus or a figure resembling The Holy Spirit itself, was captured walking inside of a cloud. The video is amazing from a religious perspective. Has The Lord looked down upon the Earth and manifested seen during this moment? Ascending

Hogzilla the monster pig

Giant pigs can sometimes roam the southern states in remote areas. This time around, an amazingly enormous pig was found back in Alabama. (It is believed that this wild hog may be the biggest pig ever found to date) It was nicknamed monster pig and rightfully so! This pig was slain by an 11 year old

Meteorite hits woman and she lived

In 1954, a woman had the unfortunate experience to be hit by a meteorite. This is an extraordinarily rare occurrence. The odds of being hit by a meteorite are 1 in 1,600,000. Another statistic states the odds are 1 in 700,000. Either is quite extraordinary. Anne Hodges is the only known person who lived to