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Google Earth User Discovered Mysterious Disc-Shaped Object In Antarctica

Whatever it is, this doesn’t appear to be a natural formation. It looks smooth and more manufactured by comparison. One Google Earth user managed to spot this while browsing around online. It was later discovered that Elena Andrade commented about this strange looking mystery object. She posted on YouTube, “Mysterious images captured by Google Earth,

Global Warming Reveals Ancient Face In Antarctica

Seen in Antarctica recently, appears to be an enormous face-like structure peering out from the snow. It is believed that due to climate change, some locations are melting away and now revealing what might be remnants of an ancient lost civilization.  Some have compared this face to the one seen on the Moon. This is

Mystery Base Discovered In Antarctica

It is unclear if this place is actually Kohnen-Station, named after German geophysicist Heinz Kohnen, known for his work in polar research. Some think this is another location, even though the coordinates somewhat match up found on Google Earth. If this is Kohnen-Station, the location is able to accommodate upwards of 20 people.   If

Hacker group Anonymous discovers more about antarctic aliens

The hacker group known as Anonymous, have recently posted a video on YouTube about the existence of aliens in Antarctica. What has been discovered, is a collaboration which exists between governments and extraterrestrials from beyond what we know about. Anonymous mentions, that more information about this is on the way, as details become further clearer