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Man Shares His Personal Black-Eyed Kid Encounter Story

An alleged encounter with a black-eyed kid took place back in 2008. It was in Texas where other sightings were reported. One person posted their experience online sharing their rather unusual encounter. They explained that previously they have heard stories about these offbeat weird looking children who desperately wanted to be invited to someone’s home. 

Are Black-Eyed Kids Really From Outer Space?

What we know of outer space is it reaches far beyond Earth and due to limitations we can only assume there is more out there. This vast expanse exists beyond our very world and between celestial bodies. What if there was a humanoid type species that resembled us only with darkened eyes and appear to

This Was No Child, It Was A Black Eyed Kid

A couple later searched for answers after one of them experienced something rather unusual. It happened one night, when a woman heard a sudden knock at the door. It was something she will never soon forget. While she was watching television and flipping pages through her book (from a good read) her dog woke up

Ouija board will be used to summon forth Black-Eyed Children

While a number of people have reportedly encountered Black-Eyed Children, there are some who believe, they are some kind of interdimensional entities, which transform themselves into the appearance of children. This is believed to fear people away, as these Black-Eyed Children have alternative motives. One theory is, that they will body snatch someone, taking over

Tracie Austin talks with David Weatherly about Shadow People

Her name is Tracie Austin and she brings with her a down to Earth attitude, which is resonating with many people. Her broadcasts are making waves around the paranormal community as well. Tracie discusses different topics, as she interviews people regarding their various paranormal experiences. Tracie Austin is the Executive Producer of her own cable