This Was No Child, It Was A Black Eyed Kid

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A couple later searched for answers after one of them experienced something rather unusual. It happened one night, when a woman heard a sudden knock at the door. It was something she will never soon forget. While she was watching television and flipping pages through her book (from a good read) her dog woke up from out of a deep slumber.

The couple’s dog is named “Alex” this dog was peacefully sleeping on her lap for a while that night. Her boyfriend was away on a business trip, this night began like any other really. It was pretty boring, until a loud knock was suddenly heard from behind the front door.

This isn’t the first time, suspicious things happened around here. Several months earlier, children had been playing pranks around the neighborhood area. They began knocking on doors and ringing doorbells at all hours of the night. This would keep anyone from getting a good night’s rest in.

The couple’s dog, quickly sat upright and seemed to intently stare at the door leading outside. Alex started to bark for no apparent reason really. Something spooked this animal and it was believed to be coming from outside.

She assumed that Alex’s behavior was quite typical for a dog. However, it is believed that animals can sometimes sense and see what humans simply cannot. Perhaps this dog, was able to pick up that something very bad was nearby.

Alex growled quite loudly and then ran off into the bedroom. This seemed to be peculiar behavior for this dog. It seemed like Alex kept quite most of the time but did bark sometimes like most dogs would do. At first, this woman didn’t think much about it…until the doorbell began to ring also.

This woman first thought it could be one of their friends or possibly a neighbor ringing the bell. But this would be quite unusual, because most if not all of their friends were likely sleeping by this late night hour.

When this woman went over towards the door, she peeked out through the peephole of the front doorway. It seemed that nothing was there, everything seemed empty. Just as she was wandering away from the door, another loud knock was then heard…only it was louder than before. Even the door seemed to vibrate ever so slightly, from the knocking that happened.

Black Eyed child

When she opened up the door, she looked down to see a boy there. He appeared to be about twelve years old. As he stood there, she didn’t recognize him and he didn’t seem to respond. There are apartment buildings around this area, so she thought maybe the boy was lost and needed some kind help.

It was then at this moment, when she noticed his dark soulless eyes in greater detail. Light was everywhere in the hallway but this boy’s eyes were pitch black. It was most unusual. This now haunts her, as this black eyed child asked to be let inside.

The woman certainly didn’t feel comfortable around this boy and there was something kind of off about him. Her dog then entered the room and began barking loudly, even more so than before. What is weird about these black eyed children, is them needed some kind of permission to be let inside comparable to that of a vampire in folklore.

It seemed that this boy wanted to simply use the phone. It all seemed innocent enough at first but something held her back. Perhaps it was when she glanced upon this boy’s dark soulless eyes. This was no boy, it was something else. The woman then slammed the door shut and quickly bolted it.

After she did this, the sound of a child’s footsteps could be heard eerily walking away. The woman looked outside but then noticed nothing was there. It seemed as though this child disappeared into the night sky itself.

The woman then explained that she had never been so frightened before until this night. She later read and learned more about dark eyed children. There is something off about whatever these things are. If someone comes across something such as this, they should never let them in, who knows what may happen to them if they do.

(Source: My Haunted Life Too)

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