Man Shares His Personal Black-Eyed Kid Encounter Story

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An alleged encounter with a black-eyed kid took place back in 2008. It was in Texas where other sightings were reported. One person posted their experience online sharing their rather unusual encounter.

They explained that previously they have heard stories about these offbeat weird looking children who desperately wanted to be invited to someone’s home. 

Legends and lore about these kids date back a while and many think they are indeed real rather than being some sort of delusion. As a young man, they explained how they thought this was all nonsense until one day something happened to change their mind.

During the summer of 2009, it was in June when around 2:00 AM, they were up late. Sometimes it was difficult for them to get a good night’s rest. They were a bit of a night owl. Typically, they stayed up late, especially during the summer months. Often they watched the sun go down and the darkness fall upon the night.

When they went out on this particular night, they went to buy a fountain drink from a convenience store. After leaving and wandering back home, they were soon approached by several children.

black-eyed kid

One of them was a boy and the other a girl. It was odd, especially for this being so late at night. They soon wondered why these children were out so late. This man went on to explain that they didn’t expect anyone around where they lived like this. 

The young boy asked whether or not he and the girl could come inside. They even explained how they needed to use the telephone. They were clearly lost and kind of out of it. Moments later the man glanced down upon them to notice the dark pitch of their eyes.

Both of these children had dark black eyes, which seemed to have nothing there. It didn’t take long for the man to realize he was dealing with something supernatural. It wasn’t normal by any means, this was something unique and awkwardly weird as well.

Soon enough his heart sank into his chest. He rubbed his eyes a few times to see if he was hallucinating. Sometimes when people get very tired, they can see things that are not there. Right before him these kids insisted that they be let in. It didn’t take too long before he wandered inside and then locked the door behind him. 

Once inside, he ran upstairs and turned on the lights checking to see if they were still there. Thankfully, they were nowhere to be found. It seemed like they vanished into thin air. He thought to himself, where did they go? His adrenaline was pumping through his body. Thinking for his safety, he found a weapon of sorts and then searched around the home checking all windows and doors. 

As one can imagine, after this….it took quite a while before he could fall asleep. While thinking back upon that that evening, he still no answers for what had happened. He recalled reading about these black-eyed kids and what they were like.

Even to this day, he had no idea why they wanted to enter his home and what they wanted to do. Perhaps he could have been abducted or even killed.  In recent years, he thinks just how lucky he was. One can only imagine what these black-eyed children wanted. Some believe them to be extraterrestrials of some sort.

Perhaps they target certain individuals for whatever reason. Likely these people are weak minded or innocent even. He did say how lucky he was and quick thinking probably helped save his life. It would be easy for these blacked-eyed kids to prey upon the elderly among others. Maybe they were planning some kind of trickery. 

(Source: Reddit)

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