Ouija board will be used to summon forth Black-Eyed Children

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While a number of people have reportedly encountered Black-Eyed Children, there are some who believe, they are some kind of interdimensional entities, which transform themselves into the appearance of children.

This is believed to fear people away, as these Black-Eyed Children have alternative motives. One theory is, that they will body snatch someone, taking over their physical bodies. This is done for a specific reason, perhaps to integrate themselves into society slowly. Maybe even, these Black-Eyed Children, are able to drain away a person with some kind of telekinetic type of energy.

These otherworldly entities, seemingly transfix themselves upon those who are alone during the late nighttime hours.There have been some reported encounters, where several people have encountered the Black-Eyed Children. Assumed to take the form of a child, they may well do this to appear less threatening at first.

black eyed children

Usually, encounters mention a Black-Eyed Child appearing at someone’s doorstep. They then ask to be let inside and are often quite forceful about it. Reports of their appearance, mentions them as having pale type skin with dark soulless eyes.

Their voices are monotone by sound and they don’t make direct eye contact necessarily at first. These Black-Eyed Children keep their head down low mostly. People have said that these Black-Eyed Children have been encountered wearing clothing from the past.

It is as if, they stepped out of time and place as they seem lost with their actions and words. Especially over the last decade, it seems that more and more accounts of Black-Eyed Children have been reported about. This has led to a pair of paranormal investigators located in England that have devised a way to make contact with the Black-Eyed Children.

Ouija Board

Through the use of a Ouija Board, they are attempting to make contact with these mysterious small sized fiends.The two men up to the task are Dale Makin and Justin Cowell who was wander forth into the notorious British forest. This area is also known as Cannock Chase. It seems that many Black-Eyed Children sightings have occurred here back in the year 2014. A documentary is also being made about this adventure.

Black-Eyed girl on road

This duo insist that their investigation is all for scientific research. Many of course, have simply laughed at their intentions but they are serious, ready, willing and able it seems. Perhaps they are onto something with the use of a Ouija Board. The premise of this, would likely make most people turn away. Messing around with an Ouija Board can turn out to be a terrible idea. Quite often, using these types of boards can result in bringing forth something wretched into the world.

Who knows if they will mistakenly manifestation evil from their summoning practices. It is something to not take lightly. Despite concerns, the documentary entitled: “Ouija: Dicing with Death?” is due out later this month. They had a budget of around $250,000 dollars, so many are looking forward, to seeing just what happened upon their attempts. Maybe somehow, someway…they were able to summon a Black-Eyed child to the area.

(Source: Coast to Coast)

Black Eyed child

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