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UFO hunt turns dangerous for three hikers in Massachusetts

Wandering out in the woods is something people do sometimes. However, what if you went out looking for UFOs at night unable to find your way back? This is exactly what happened to a group of hikers who were out looking for UFOs in the nighttime sky. The location was Blue Hills Reservation, a 6,000

Humans and robots will marry in the future

While human beings want and need the comfort of one another, what would happened if this could be simulated? Experts are now saying that by the year 2050, humans will have life-like robotic companions. They will provide most all the wants and needs that people need including sex and conversation. How will this change the

Man had plant growing in his lung

An oddly unusual occurrence happened when a man who thought he had a tumor in his lung actually had a pea growing inside his lung. His name is Ron Sveden, he is a retired teacher from Brewster, Massachusetts. This plant which he inhaled had the ideal conditions to grow inside his lung. At the time