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Beware Of The Michigan Melon Heads

This urban legend originates from the wilderness of Saugatuck, Michigan. A number children here were unfortunately born with massive over-sized heads. A family lived in the backwoods and allegedly gave birth to children with deformations. Because of their unusual appearance, they were later sent off to the old Junction Insane Asylum.  It was there where

Family Captures Ghostly Presence On Daughter’s Baby Cam

Where this family is living, might be haunted. Recently, a couple discovered something rather unusual on their daughters baby camera. Heather Brough along with her fiancé, Josh Higgins noticed what looks like an apparition from their recording. Their story quickly spread around television networks in the area. There does seem to be some kind of

Hunting camera captures Angelic spirit in Michigan

There are many photographs that defy rational explanation. This is one of them. A man named David Z. sent in a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. The image appears to be in the form of an angel, with a ghost-like appearance. The seen image, was captured by a hunting camera, that is triggered

Alien reptilian defender arrested for shooting at a church

Authorities located in Michigan, had no idea what they were going to find after receiving a phone call about a shooting. When they arrived on the scene, the police questioned the motives of a man determined to lay to rest alien reptilian invaders. This man, allegedly opened a window and began firing aimlessly out of

The Glen Arbor UFO experience

As the holiday season nears with Christmas on the way, people share different stories with one another. Sometimes at the office, stories are passed around. This is what happened about a week ago, with someone (who has been labelled a conspiracy theorist) was left with a bombshell by their boss. A worker was having a