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A Man Died For 10 Minutes And Said There Is No Afterlife

Imagine returning from the afterlife and seeing nothing. This is what an anonymous 21 year old man said after dying. He was pronounced clinically dead for 10 minutes. What he lacked to see, is what has many people pondering and worrying about. Death and the afterlife, remains a real mystery to us all. This very

Unknown Humanoid Destroys Property Causes Panic In North Carolina

Using a flashlight at night, a woman attempts to track down something on her property. She initially was freaked out and is often heard cursing in this video. At the beginning, what sounds like a growling type sound, can be heard…as she shines light on top of a roof. It is unknown where this took

UFO photo taken on Mars resembles alien spaceship

Seen on the planet Mars, is an unusual object. It almost appears to be that of some kind of alien spaceship. First discovered back in March of 2017, it has since garnered much attention recently. The photo was taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. The Rover (a car-sized robotic device) is used to explore Gale

Restless spirit captured in mother and daughter selfie photo

While a mother and daughter share a tender kiss together, a restless spirit appears in their selfie photo. The mother, as you might have guessed, was completely freaked out over the ghostly photo bomb. The family has since brought in a paranormal investigative team to scour their entire home. As it turns out, this home

Shadowy fiend prowls mans home leaving him terrified

Most people try to keep their homes secure nowadays with different alarm systems. This usually works quite well, to deter would be break-ins. However, what if something else was trying to enter your home that wasn’t exactly human? A disturbing thought no doubt, yet this is what happened to one man at night. He also