Unknown Humanoid Destroys Property Causes Panic In North Carolina

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Using a flashlight at night, a woman attempts to track down something on her property. She initially was freaked out and is often heard cursing in this video. At the beginning, what sounds like a growling type sound, can be heard…as she shines light on top of a roof. It is unknown where this took place exactly. From what is understood, the video was recorded sometime in the fall (from four years ago) in central North Carolina. The location is a suburban neighborhood environment.

This unknown woman continues wandering around the yard, pointing her flashlight everywhere. She eventually meets up with someone, who is believed to be a neighborhood friend. This humanoid, likely could be someone goofing around with a Halloween costume on. But that would make for a better cover up story…since whatever this was, could simply blend in better during this time of year.

Towards the end of the video (when she approaches what looks like a shed) a humanoid creature is seen ducking quickly away from the glare of the light. Either this is someone dressed up in costume or something was on their property that night.

Many folks believe that aliens already walk among us. Perhaps this is one or something else entirely. Viewers mentioned that the head seen ducking at the end, resembled that of some kind of canine type creature.

Unknown Humanoid by building

The woman known by her profile as Mattie Anne (explained in a Reddit post) that their next door neighbors (who are not in the actual video) had just moved in. They phoned the police 3 different times, for damage done to their yard. The North Carolina woman, went on to explain…that ornaments on her property were thrown all around everywhere.

This included a stone cement turtle, estimated to have weighed around 60 pounds. The white colored home seen in the video, apparently also was broken into recently as well. She doesn’t know if there is a connection to these other incidents or not.

She said, “I haven’t heard anything else from other neighbors, but I also don’t really know any other ones well enough.” She also said that the video wasn’t edited to include any CGI, the only thing done was at the end where the video is slowed down to partially see this mysterious humanoid creature.

One person said, they would have never went outside like that without a firearm for protection.

The dark and blurry video is difficult to see details but there seemed to be something lurking in the darkness upon this night. These people were either brave or dumb enough to go out like that during the night not knowing what they were up against. This is typical human behavior, this time they went out first without thinking clearly. Who knows what might have happened if they got closer to whatever this thing was.

scary creature caught on camera; watch until the end please. from r/cryptids

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