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What About The Witches Daughter?

This allegedly happened years ago, when a young man was on school retreat in the UK. He wanted to remain anonymous but had to explain what happened to him. It was late one evening and several of the girls at the hotel he was staying at, all wanted to go out for some late night

Shadowy Humanoid Silhouette Photographed By Paranormal Investigators

This occurred back in 2015, when a paranormal team from the United Kingdom, were out investigating an old abandoned asylum located in Ruthin, Wales. What they captured in a single photograph, remains unanswered. The silhouette of a humanoid figure, can clearly be seen standing in a hallway just outside of an opened doorway. The team

Activist Mermaid Saves Drowning Cow From Doom

It happened recently in Lechlade, Gloucestershire on Friday. While activist Lindsey Cole was swimming, she came across something while in the water. To her surprise, it was a drowning cow that fell in the water. Lindsey was swimming as a mermaid, to raise awareness for her cause. She was raising awareness about the environmental effects

Druid witch stabbed by neighbor for noises and smells

This incident occurred recently in Alderholt, Dorset. A woman who lives next door to a cult-like environment, decided she had enough. Using an umbrella, Mrs. Denyer age 52 lunged at her neighbor John Bennett known by his Pagan name “Bearheart”. Mr. Denyer age 56, grabbed a carving knife from their kitchen and stabbed at John

Fitness Coach catches Flying Ghost on camera

Seen in a quick, yet compelling video snippet, resembles that of a flying ghostly entity. This capture happens fast, but has since bedazzled viewers watching the footage. It took place in a cemetery at St. Mary’s Church, in Hampshire. The living locals, don’t know what to make of it ever since it was released back