Fitness Coach catches Flying Ghost on camera

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Seen in a quick, yet compelling video snippet, resembles that of a flying ghostly entity. This capture happens fast, but has since bedazzled viewers watching the footage. It took place in a cemetery at St. Mary’s Church, in Hampshire. The living locals, don’t know what to make of it ever since it was released back in 2016.

Tony Ferguson ghost capture England cemetery

The video footage, seems to show that of a flying mist-like substance. It is unknown who this spirit might be, but it is obvious they are disturbed at Tony Ferguson who recorded this. Tony was 33 years old when he captured this video. It seems like the ghostly spirit, launched itself towards him. Did Tony happen upon holy ground?

He remarked, “I don’t usually investigate cemeteries, I don’t believe that just because people are buried there, they must be haunted. But a few people got in touch to tell me, they were concerned about their loved ones who are buried there. Every time they went, they could feel this negative presence and it was making them very uncomfortable.”

St Marys Church England

The church itself, is estimated to date back towards the 11th century. Records indicate, there was a church here in 650. The earliest known date documented however is in 1170. Regardless, the location and the church itself, is more than likely to be 800 years old…possibly more. A lot of events took place over time. Perhaps there is a tortured soul, that has been left behind to linger here.

Tony himself, has been fascinated about the paranormal for years. During his double life, he decided to scout out the cemetery, after receiving reports that a ‘negative presence’ was here. Loved ones, quite often have come to the cemetery – to bring flowers and spend time here remembering their lost ones. This rather disturbing presence, seems to be scaring away visitors to the cemetery grounds as they are spooked out about all of this.

Tony exclaimed that when he first stepped foot into the graveyard, he felt ‘unwanted’. He began hearing ‘whooshing’ sounds. Now, he believes there must have been some kind of ghost wandering past him.

He began to wonder whether or not his mind was playing tricks on him. During Tony’s childhood, he admitted to experiencing a number of ghostly encounters. These spirits were believed to be a man and a young girl, while staying at his grandfather’s home. He said there is something about his personal energies that seem to attract spirits.

In regards to the cemetery ghost…Tony said it is a very controlling entity and doesn’t want people visiting.

(Source: Yahoo!)

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