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Terrifying Pregnancy Scan Reveals Young Woman’s “Devil Baby”

One young woman from Richmond, Virginia recently had a pregnancy scan done. To her shocking surprise, she freaked out at what was inside her womb. This most unusual ultrasound scan showed what resembled a “Devil Baby”.  This baby’s head looked like a kind of koala bear, with additional features. Some don’t know what to make

Odd Trail Camera Photos Capture Zombies In Virginia

Seen in several snaps appear to be zombie-like humanoids wandering through the wilderness of Lunenburg County, Virginia. This part of Virginia is fairly remote, with lots of woodlands around. The population of this county is around 12,300 people. The size of this area is 432 miles long. There isn’t much known about these unusual photographs.

Virginia Woman Wins Lottery 30 Times In One Day

Are people sometimes able to tap into a given moment of clarity? Perhaps this is really possible. One woman from Richmond, Virginia named Deborah Brown, won the lottery 30 times in a single day. She admitted to having a vision of sorts, being able to “see” these numbers.  Something deep down inside of her, compelled