Finding Omens of Good Fortune

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People believe in different things, often they believe in luck and better fortune. Sometimes people feel unlucky and likely it is more of a spiritual journey for them. We all were placed upon the world for some reason or another. It is best to focus on friends and family, meanwhile trying to harness positive energy in your life.

There is much that we don’t understand, yet we strive to succeed in our career and with others. There is a connection between people that is sacred. Many believe, that we are all somehow connected to one another, no matter our physical differences or religious believes.

Finding Omens of Good Fortune

We are all human and have a purpose. Finding that sense of purpose, is something that many do not figure out until later. Finding it however, gives us inspiration in our lives – that we matter and are doing the right thing.

Sometimes life doesn’t feel fair and some of us, seem to have it all. This includes being healthy, wealthy and wise.Likewise, there are some who feel unlucky in life, no matter what we do or the choices that were made. Perhaps these people didn’t look for signs of symbolism that may have help guide them upon their life’s journey.

It seems that are beliefs in luck are almost subconscious to us. For example, a broken mirror or walking under a ladder are considered bad luck to us. Other signs to consider, are good ones such as when bats nest in your home. It is believed, that the family will become financially wealthy soon enough.

There are a number of animals, that signify something will change in our lives for the better or worse. On someone having a lucky day, their luck can continue when someone gives them money such as a tip. Peculiar moments can happen, like a bird crapping on someones head. This can mean wealth coming someone’s way soon as well.

Bird droppings can also mean good news such as a child entering one’s life. Other birds including ravens, pigeons or magpies can mean they are at your home for a reason. They have been sent as guardians helping to ward away impending dangers. In ancient times, people thought birds to be messengers of the gods.

The next time you think about killing a spider, perhaps instead you should set it free. When a spider is seen, it means luck will last within your life. Spiders are believed to lure money and food to one’s life as well. Snakes also are usually killed or chased away.

Of course they are dangerous, but it is believed the more poisonous a snake is, the higher chance that luck will find someone. King cobra snakes, are thought to be one of the ultimate indicators of lucky ironically. Snakes are spiritual slitherers regarding luck in life. They also appear sometimes letting people know an area is unsafe.

Positivity in life thinking

More subtle signs, such as when your hands tingle, mean that money is either coming or leaving within your life. If your hand tingles on the left, money is on its way to you, one the right hand it means money is going away.

Seeing a shooting star can mean luck will be upon you for the next 30 days. The best practice is to wish upon the star about what you want immediately.

Sometimes our birthday can add up to the number 8. This means one will be lucky upon the number 8 in their life as well. Ever have an itch on your ear? This means that someone is talking about you. If your ear itches on the left, it means nice things are being said. Lifewise, if your ear itches on the right, someone is talking bad about you.

They are such serene insects, yet when a butterfly enters someone’s home and appears brightly colored, it means that love is ready to enter one’s life. If the butterfly is dark in appearance, it means that news of one’s career or business will change soon. Best practice is, if a butterfly enters your home, don’t try to catch it but lure it back to nature.

Many people have house cats, but when a stray cat enters ones home, it means treachery and betrayal are soon to follow. White cats are believed to be a sign of death coming. Gold or orange cats mean that good luck is on the way. Cats have always been associated with witchcraft and the like.

When someone puts their clothes on inside out, it means that luck will soon find them. If done intentionally, nothing happens.

Lucky horseshoes

Look out for other significant signs in life, such as lucky horseshoes. These charms mean something actually. Other good luck items are acorns, four-leaf clovers, lucky coins etc. If someone were to bury these charms inside of a box and then bury them in their backyard, the luck is believed to multiply.

While out in the countryside and someone meets up with a cow, they are believed to become blessed with both prosperity and fertility. This is magnified, if the cow crosses the road in front of you. Dogs also are believed to be not only protectors, but symbols that something will change in one’s life soon enough. Adopting a dog is often followed as positive sign from above.

Dogs can also mean, that new friends will enter your life including old ones as well. Black dogs are believed to bring both wealth and protection. Gold colored dogs are thought to bring forth prosperity and happiness. White colored dogs, are thought to mean both love and romance. Dogs are believed to overall bring significance to one’s life and faithful companions they make.

When someone goes to hang a flag, they should use caution. The flag should display right and not become twisted by the wind or fall. If the flag falls, it means that danger is on the way such as an accident. Flags flying true, mean that luck is imminent. Other unusual signs of things include seeing garden critters.

Many of these include insects such as grasshoppers. If seen, a grasshopper represents someone of the utmost importance, is about to visit you. Or, you might receive a distinguished honor of some sort. Ladybirds suggest that someone is going to visit you soon and frogs mean money is hopping towards you.

sun and rainbow

On those uncommon days, when it both rains while the sun is shining…means that rainbows are more abundant and with them, success on what you are working on will happen. People around you, will support you and you will thrive on what you goals are. Those who wed on this type of day, will be blessed further with a life of happiness and joy.

While all of this seems superstitious, looking for positivity…will often attract you towards a more successful lifestyle. People are different and have different beliefs and values. However, most everyone wants to be comfortable in their life, with love and good fortune.

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