Beware of the Bunny Man

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bunny man

It seems to be nothing more than an urban legend, however the mystery still surrounds what was known as the “Bunny Man”. It occurred back in 1970, when a man dressed as a bunny rabbit terrorized people for several weeks. This bunny was not a friendly one, as he wielded a large bladed axe. The area is known as “Bunny Man Bridge” which is located on Colchester Road in Clifton in the southwestern part of Fairfax County, Virginia.

There are different variations of this story, however they all seem to spook people during Halloween as the Bunny Man returns each year or perhaps his spirit does. This spooky figure has created a since of mystery for those who live in the area, always keeping an eye open walking at night on a dark roadway.

The area of Clifton, Virginia is quite small –- with only around 300 residents in the area and is only 192 acres in size.

The first recorded incident happened on October 20th, 1970 when USAFA Cadet Bob Bennett and his then fiancée Dusty were in the area visiting relatives. It was at night and they were returning from a football game, as they sat down in their seats inside the car they noticed something moving in the rear view mirror.

A moment later, the front passenger window was completely smashed and a bizarre man wearing a bunny rabbit suit was there. Bennett immediately turned the car around while this bunny man  screamed at them yelling “You’re on private property and I have your tag number”. Down the road they discovered a hatchet laying on the car floor.

The Bunny Man

The next sighting happened also in the evening on October 29th, 1970. As construction security guard Paul Phillips approached a man who was standing on the porch of an unfinished home in Kings Park West on Guinea Road. Phillips reported this odd man was wearing a bunny suit, he was around 6 feet tall and maybe weighed around 175 pounds.

This strange man was chopping at one of the porch posts yelling out “All you people trespass around here. If you don’t get out of here, I’m going to bust you on the head”. Afterward the bunny man then ran into the woods.

Both of these incidents were investigated by the Fairfax County Police department, eventually the cases were closed from lack of evidence. In the following weeks over 50 people reported to the police more sightings of this “bunny man”.

Back in 1973, University of Maryland student Patricia Johnson submitted a research paper on these incidents. Allegedly there were findings of hundreds of cleanly skinned half-eaten carcasses of rabbits which were hanging from the trees within the surrounding areas. A while later the remains of a person named Marcus Wallster was found in the woods nearby. He was found partially skinned and eaten.

The Corpse Bride

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