Eyewitnesses Report Seeing Tyrannosaurus Dinosaurs In Texas

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Their remains are on display at museums and are arguably the most popular dinosaurs known to mankind. The T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) is a ferocious dinosaur, believed to scavenge and hunt down other living things during its time.

T-Rex In Texas

Now, in recent years…strange reports have been made online about smaller sized T-Rexes appearing in the state of Texas of all places. One would imagine that if these dinosaurs still existed, they would be in a more heavily overgrown jungle and not other places. After all, finding a T-Rex in the desert badlands would both shock and frighten anyone. 

Lon Strickler from the site Phantoms and Monsters, posted a report during October 2013, which included a man known as “MR” from Hebbronville, Texas.

In this outlandish report, temperatures were sweltering and during this time dinosaurs were out on the prowl. This same anonymous witness said he watched a smaller sized T-Rex scramble across a street during the evening. It was around 8:45 PM when this allegedly happened.  

This is what the man said:

“Just a couple months before I had actually heard a creature I could only describe as a dinosaur. I had been asleep, it was night, maybe around 1 or 2 am. I had awoken and just at that moment I heard an unfamiliar screech of something running by my window. We have an AC unit in the window so the window is basically open. I heard its footsteps as it ran by and it was heavy whatever it was. I could hear it clearly on the ground. 

As it ran further away I could hear it screech again! It was like nothing I’ve ever heard in my life! It was loud too and I wonder if anyone else heard it or saw it. I live in an apartment complex. I just laid there in bed completely bewildered by what I had just heard.

I questioned my sanity and if I had heard what I thought I heard. So when my friend saw the “dinosaur” she was excited and wanted to tell me because of what I heard. I’m only sad I didn’t get to see it too. We both questioned our sanity.”

Lon Strickler also went on to post another account of someone seeing a T-Rex. This time it took place at Falfurrias, TX which is about 18 miles east of Hebbronville. The man this time went by the initials “LM”. This is what he had to say: 

“I live near Falfurrias, TX which is about 18 miles east of Hebbronville. I and others have seen those creatures. My neighbor and I saw a pair in December 2012 on the roadway behind our houses. We were scared to report our sighting. I know other people in this area have seen the same creatures. 

A family member from Sabinas Hidalgo in Mexico told me that he saw a ‘big lizard’ the last time he visited us. He saw it while he was driving near McAllen, TX. He described the same thing we have seen. It was 2-3 ft. tall with a large head and long tail.

It ran on 2 legs and was very dark in color. The two creatures we saw were dark brown and walking quickly on 2 legs also. It was about 4:30 pm and we watched them for about 20 seconds as they moved towards the dead end of the road. We got a very good look. For a few nights after that, we heard short shrills coming from the brush at the end of the road.   

A couple of weeks later, my son told me that he and his friends found many quail feathers and deer bones scattered by a tree in the same brush. I did contact a wildlife authority about the remains but didn’t mention what we had seen. He said that it was probably coyotes, though I have not heard or seen coyotes for long time. Another neighbor lost a dog about the same time. Again coyotes were said to be the predator. No remains were ever found. My husband was alarmed and had a high heavy duty steel link fence built around the yard so that our grandchildren and pets are safe.”

At around 5:45 PM this same witness said their dogs were afraid of something out there. One other witness known as “MG” said she was walking along a remote dusty road from work.

It was about 5:45 PM when she noticed dust getting knocked up into the air by a nearby field. It looked like something was running through there. It was big enough to create such a scene. This is what “MG” said:

“On the side of the road where I was walking, I saw dust being kicked up into the air and moving along the field. Then the trail of dust was heading toward the road in front of me. I stopped walking not knowing what may be exiting at the road. About 40 ft. in front of me was what I can only describe as a little T-Rex dinosaur, about 2-2 1/2 ft in height. It didn’t stop running as it dashed across the road into a smaller field. 

It was light reddish brown, stood on two legs and had a long tail that was straight out as it ran.   There is no way that this was a lizard known to live here. It looked very much like the photo of the toy I found online. No one wanted to believe me.

My friends and family think I mistook it for another lizard, but I know what I saw. I do believe there are very strange creatures around here. My ex-husband used to talk about huge birds and walking shadows that he and others would see on a ranch south of Hebbronville. At one point several cattle would go missing without a trace. He would never stay there at night.”

A man known as “Dan” told Coast to Coast AM radio show in October of 2014 that when he was a teenager in Midland, Texas, he would often go out dirt bike riding along with this friends. While they were out one time, he said they all witnessed what resembled a “mini T-Rex”. The following is a transcription made by Jamie Brian about that encounter:

“I remember seeing this thing and it was probably about two feet high. It stood up on its back legs. It didn’t have, like, fingers or like you’d normally see a T-Rex in the movies with three or four fingers. It only had one claw.

And now I remember, we were running our motorcycles around and scared it off, I guess. It was greenish-yellow, I think, in color and never really thought about it. I just assumed it was some weird, you know, lizard but I remember… It was about 2 or 2 and a half, maybe 2 or 2 and a half feet high when it stood up. 

When it stood up, it had this egg shaped dome… The only thing I can say is that it did look like a T-Rex. It had an egg shaped face or head. (caller talks about an old Art Bell show where a caller described an encounter with T-Rex) There was four of us.

We were about 13 or 14 years old at the time. We saw, it was crawling along on all fours and as we rode up on it, it reared back and it had these little tiny arms. It looked like a little T-Rex. So I honestly thought, I missed it or it was standing or I didn’t see it right until years later when I heard that call on Art’s show. It was angry. It wasn’t happy that me and my friends were riding our dirt-bikes in that area.”

Lastly, news from the website Frontiers of Zoology reported another miniature T-Rex sighting. This time it was from an unidentified witness who was interviewed by site contributor Phillip O’ Donnell. The location of where this took place was also in Texas, in the southeast part of the state. The encounter was described as being a baby T-Rex also. 

“I saw something that really changed how I view dinosaurs. I saw a baby tyrannosaurus Rex. It looked like a baby anyway. I thought maybe raptor, but no it’s head was to wide. It even looked at me before running into the woods. I even slapped myself across the face to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. 

It was about 6 to 7 feet tall and about the same from [tail]tip to little arms and head. It was forest green with an iridescent look much like oil. I saw it about 50 feet away as it was sunning itself in the last rays of the sun. It was sitting. It looked at me even. It was southeast Texas. Silsbee to be exact. It is near the big thicket on the edge. I could even see the reptilian lips above the teeth.”

While it is difficult to believe these stories, it is equally fascinating. There is evidence that dinosaurs did actually exist. Is it possible descendants of them somehow continued to live on?

Maybe a few actually did make it but how come they haven’t been captured or documented yet? Has a secret program comparable to the Jurassic Park movies, been established to recreate dinosaurs from DNA? There are many speculations about all of this.

(Source: Mysterious Universe)

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