Strange creature seen in the forests of Oregon

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Sometimes things simply can’t be explained, and sometimes they are just a fake setup by people desperately seeking attention. This can be a hoax or something real, you decide. But the footage is quite interesting to see, there certainly are creatures roaming the Earth which have remained hidden for ages or perhaps are entirely new to our planet.

The video is quite unstable and tough to see, but it appears to be a humanoid type creature almost Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) in appearance. Is this a lizard type beast searching for food along the waterfront? It appears this unknown beast is searching for something; maybe even another one of its species which maybe have passed through the same area.

As controversial as it seems, it has raised some questions about some activity reported in Oregon Woods. Maybe this staged setup is merely a distraction for video views online. It is unclear whether or not the government has sent in any kind of investigators; via X-Files, but it is indeed worthy of a look.

Several questions remain including, why was the video so poorly shot? To hide the man in the suit or was it out of fear or excitement from what the person is seeing. Also, it seems the video footage had noises in it like chains or keys rattling around. As a statistic reported, 48% of Americans do not use cell phones making this a randomly 50% chance almost to be captured on video or on a phone.


The limbs this creature displayed were long typical of that of an ape. Physically, the branches surrounding the strange creature did not necessarily move correctly by a natural way. This further may dismiss the video and what is seen.

This creature and its torso appear to display mammalian glands, it would be stated that this animal is a female bipedal mammal much like an ape. The head this unusual creature has is like a gorilla making this further a strange sight to see. Whatever this thing is, it hasn’t been identified yet, the video is fascinating however.

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