Trucker Gets Terrified From Roadside Freak Show

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It was late one evening and a trucker was driving down a densely populated road. He was tired and at some point, he needed to find somewhere to crash for the night. While driving down the road it was around 3:00 in the morning, when he noticed something quite strange.

Trucker Gets Terrified From Roadside Freak Show At Night

It looked like someone standing alongside of the road next to another person. On this night, it had been raining for most of the night, so everything was wet. The pavement reflected the light from the moon above and everything else nearby that had any kind of glow.

He thought to himself what was going on. About a mile down the road, he noticed another person standing there. Now he was getting a bit nervous and didn’t know what was happening. He decided to pull over onto the side of the road and investigate for himself what was going on.

When he starting walking closer to this person, he noticed they weren’t moving. They appeared to have their back turned away from him.

The trucker then called out to them “Are you okay?”. There was no response and it was dead silent. He began to get a bit creep ed out but continued to approach this person anyway. When he reached out to grab their shoulder, they fell over onto the ground. To his shocking surprise, this was no person at all but that of a mannequin!

mannequin at night

At first he was scared but then collected himself. Off in the distance, he noticed another figure only this time, they appeared to be moving. He called out loudly to them, waiting for a response. Nothing happened, he then kept approaching them. It seems he was determined to find out what was happening.

His heart began to race, but he mustered up the courage to start jogging towards this person. He kept yelling out towards them “Hey! You There! Wait!”. The figure kept on moving, as if it never heard him. They didn’t flinch or anything. When he eventually caught up to them, they turned their hoodie head. This person was wearing a bizarre looking mask, it was etched with scales resembling that of snakeskin. They hissed at the trucker, then leapt down into the ditch below after crossing the wet road on all fours.

The man didn’t know what to make of it. He wondered if this was some kind of extraterrestrial of some kind. Questions remain, why was this thing setting up these mannequins alongside of the road? What purpose did all of this serve? This is something he would never forget and he wanted to share this bizarre encounter with everyone else.

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